Friday, September 7th, 2018

Danielle Bradbery ft. Thomas Rhett – Goodbye Summer

A song for Sept 22…


Katherine St Asaph: I’ve always wondered: Do summer flings actually exist, or are they a hoax perpetuated by YM Magazine, the bikini and cutoff jorts industries, and pleasant country songs? (Do you just need to be rich enough to have a summer house or study-abroad, and thus a defined start and end date?) Regardless, this is a full-hearted take on it. Bradbery channels a little of the earnestness of Kacey Musgraves, plus a little of the fluting ingenue that’s increasingly rare. But Rhett’s verse, diffident and uninvested, makes me suspect there is a secret third verse where he crows “and she was good, you know what I mean.”

Alfred Soto: In Danielle Bradbery’s timbre I can hear the regret that every season turns. There isn’t much else beyond airbrushed bombast, and Thomas Rhett hides under his hat.

Stephen Eisermann: I don’t know how Danielle and Thomas expect us to believe that they had this wonderful fling when all they tell us in this song is how it ended. The power country-pop production is pretty sleek, though, so that’s nice.

Alex Clifton: I’ve never had a summer fling, mostly because it seemed like a useless concept–give your heart away for a bit of fun and then have to recoup the consequences later. Bradbery and Rhett do actually sound quite nice here, but this song does nothing to change my mind.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: A perfunctory relationship story that tries to capture how quickly a summer fling passes by crafting a montage that only really includes its beginning and end. I suppose it aligns nicely with the hello/goodbye lyrics that are employed, but it fails to make “Goodbye Summer” feel like anything more than hollow, vague sentiment.

Will Adams: An interesting inversion on the country-crossover formula: the original “Hello Summer” sounded like the thin pop mixes Taylor Swift used to do, and it’s the remix that dials up the country via a duet partner and gleaming pop-rock production. It fits the narrative well. The outset of summer often promises the surface happiness of trop-house synths and vocal squiggles; by the end, the sun has worn you down, the mosquitoes are unbearable and the season slipping away is a small-scale reminder of how time in general is slipping away. The summer fling fluff is rather low-stakes, but the soaring guitars and the pair’s commitment recreate the drama well. 

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