Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Marshmello ft. Chvrches – Here With Me

And the mello we marsh will never keep your proud head from falling…


David Moore: Not sure how this particular combo landed on mid-00’s Radio Disney as its stylistic stomping grounds, but it fails to land, whatever it is. It probably would have been better to have Marshmello reworking the Duffs and early Cyruses (Cyri?) back then than the preset-pushers they dragged in for dance remixes at the time.

Katie Gill: With some other artist and EDM producer collaborations, you’ll at least get a taste of what the artist’s musical aesthetic sounds like. A good EDM ft. Somebody Else song is a blend of the two artists–after all, session singers exist. You would work with someone like Chvrches or Coldplay because you like their sound and want to draw upon that in the song, right? That’s not an unpopular opinion, is it? But if that’s the case, then why does any Marshmello song featuring somebody else routinely strip the sound and the creativity out of whoever’s featured?

Katherine St Asaph: Clearly, when I predicted Marshmello ft. Kacey Musgraves, I wasn’t being depressing enough.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: This collaboration is cool because it’ll infuriate the Chvrches fans who constantly bemoan the band’s turn toward more mainstream-friendly sounds. Beyond that, this is beautifully thin — a brisk song that pinpoints how Lavren Maybvrry’s voice is at its best when its twee, fragile timbre feels integral to the song’s lyrics. The stop-start rhythm of the topline forces awkwardness, carrying with it a teenage pain that buoys wistfulness. For a song with such straightforward lyrics, the dejected guitar strums and dull synth flickers help reveal the sorrow that fuels them.

Ian Mathers: I was the high mark on the Jukebox for, and still quite enjoy, the last time Chvrches went quite this EDM, albeit in a different register. This time, even though on comparison Lauren Mayberry does in fact sound like herself, if you played this for me blind I’d never have guessed she or any part of Chvrches were involved. Which leaves us with Marshmello, doing a kind of mawkish semi-ballad. I don’t think I’ll be the high mark this time.

Tim de Reuse: I guess this is the logical endpoint of Chvrches’s overall trajectory, huh? Sift through it second-by-second and look for something that doesn’t sound like it was Marshmello’s idea. It’s hard to say — maybe some of the interludes have a little more texture to them than Marshmello usually allows? More likely that their objectives have at this point totally converged: two acts who now specialize in cloying, lifeless schlock combining their talents to make, uh, exactly what you’d expect.

Iris Xie: I liked the chorus of this song better when it was sped up, happier, used as a washing machine commercial, and called Everyday by Perfume.

Vikram Joseph: Love Is Dead had already stripped Chvrches of most of the idiosyncratic spasms that made their emotive electro-pop such an attractive proposition to begin with, so this complete surrender to mainstream EDM comes as a disappointment but not a surprise. It’s by no means awful; it’s a serviceable tune, the twangy “Are You With Me” synth-guitars are pleasantly nostalgic, and Lauren Mayberry can elevate any vocal melody. It’s still largely forgettable though, and even accounting for Marshmello, the standards have been set far higher than this.

Joshua Copperman: Remember when I said that CHVRCHES were smart and liked making smart music? The first thing is still true; they’re definitely smart in teaming up with Marshmello to appear on the Hot 100. But I also wrote that blurb for “Get Out” before “Miracle” happened, which is decidedly not smart music even if it’s a personal guilty pleasure. Reuniting with that song’s Steve Mac, the trio still have some interesting ideas beneath the polish – the guitar line in the chorus is endearingly pop-punk, and Lauren Mayberry’s melody has some interesting rhythmic quirks. The chord progression resolves so neatly it might as well be an Ed Sheeran co-write, and the lyrics are thoroughly unmemorable. I still look forward to CHVRCHES songs, but they’re starting to run out of goodwill. 

Alfred Soto: While Chvrches’ reputation as synth pop essentials is, shall we say, overrated, Lauren Mayberry sang with more vim than this “The Middle” wannabe allows. Treacle, and proud of it.

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  1. idk why I found the subhead as funny as I did, but I did

  2. This song sounds like someone pushed a button called “EDM Pop Song” and then this was created. ZZZZZ

  3. I wrote the subhead (and edited this entry!)

  4. Also a big fan of the subhead!

  5. update, six months on from TSJ covering “Happier”: i still cannot think about Marshmello without thinking of Kat’s blurb there, and as such love to see the [3]’s roll in

  6. GREAT subhead

  7. @Nathan SAME