Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Meduza ft. Goodboys – Piece of Your Heart

Saving you many pages of Google search: Meduza is not the Russian newspaper or this other EDM artist who remixed “Cotton Eye Joe.” “Goodboys” are not the movie or the subreddit whose tagline is “This place is only 4 da good booooys. Bad boys not allowed.”


Thomas Inskeep: Nice-enough UK house/pop that doesn’t do anything or go anywhere; it’s the musical equivalent of running in place.

Scott Mildenhall: Gorgon City has been the UK’s capital since long before Eminem found the snare in his headphones, so this song hasn’t so much taken hold as emerged from the housey fog that covers the country, having probably lain within since 2013. “Piece of Your Heart” is a trifle, but it’s a quintessential one, transcending the semantic difference between “following a template” and “in our musical DNA.”

Katherine St Asaph: The members of Goodboys go by Jo Darko, Suede Silver, and Kevin Justin. Despite this, the track is solid.

Will Adams: The studio talk before the first drop — as if to suggest this genius hook was a mere ad-lib that tumbled out fully formed — is a bit rich, considering there’s no shortage of house songs that have that same “da-da-da.” There’s precedence to show it works, but not on a song this underwritten, and especially not with a vocalist who sounds like MNEK with a cold.

Tim de Reuse: There’s maybe 45 seconds of a great deep-house track in here, trapped with a lot of disposable introduction and a lot of awkward “da, da, da, uh, uh, down, down, down.” I can’t fathom how anyone could think this genre would benefit from concision.

Alfred Soto: I don’t care for distinguishing characteristics — I care about dancing. This does its job. 

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