Monday, August 5th, 2019

Iggy Azalea ft. Kash Doll – Fuck It Up

It’s… sigh… Eggy Eggs.


Edward Okulicz: Iggy Azalea’s best weapon is her audacious confidence; she has so little to brag about but manages to do it. But she now sounds desperate, not knowing how to deploy a swear word correctly. And really, it sounds at times like what’s being said is “fuck a duck, sis.” Words for once do not fail me, that’s quite an appropriate reaction.

Iris Xie: She was boring even when she was culturally appropriative, controversial, and when marginalized voices were really sharpening their social media platforms for all of their call-outs. This is so weak as to be tepid, and I don’t know who Iggy Azalea is besides someone I’m supposed to be upset about but wasn’t worth my anger in the first place.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Was hoping for something redeemable here given how strong Kash Doll’s feature was on “Chanel Slides,” but she does nothing but try to match Iggy’s dull seriousness. The production is even more lifeless than the post-Mustard beats that Iggy hopped on back in the day, indicating that she has little desire to improve her craft or expand her sound. It’s probably more accurate to say that she doesn’t exactly know how to do any of that, as this is something that could have been released by Iggy at any point in her entire career.

Jonathan Bradley: The mangled vowels; the reduction of all rap cadence to bland abrasion, as if she once met a black person and imprinted upon the adjective angry; the tireless cursing, deployed as filler rather than syntax. (Iggy claims to have grown up admiring 2Pac; could you imagine her even trying to channel his charisma, his generosity, his passion?) Like they might say in Mullumbimby: she’s a bit of a try-hard, ay?

Katherine St Asaph: As usual, she’s internalized everything about rap except the part where it can be fun. And the part where trends, like rnbass, go out of style eventually.

Iain Mew: On the evidence of the level of enthusiasm conveyed here, if getting money feels way better than busting a nut, they must actively dislike the latter.

Alfred Soto: It’s not as terrible as the winds of fashion would persuade us to believe, but Kash’s hook and Iggy’s rap aspire to a kind of proficiency that gets no one noticed. 

Will Adams: The past few years have been rough for Iggy. She’s had to deal with super-duds of singles sending her into sophomore album purgatory, not to mention fumbling having ~allegedly~ worked with Dr. Luke. But now she’s on the up and up, which in 2019 means scattering your videos with Drag Race and influencer cameos and “beefing” with a kids’ show’s cartoon mascot. So sure, that’s fine. But how’s the music? Utterly joyless, turns out! Iggy recites the title hook like it’s a grocery list, and Kash Doll barely adds to the proceedings with a wan verse. Never before has an artist’s “redemption” phase been so embarrassing.

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