Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

ReN – Hurricane

More like Ed SheeReN amirite (thanks for the suggestion, Andreas!)…


Edward Okulicz: I expect this to be widely loathed, but despite the Ed Sheeran influence and writing in Nashville, this sounds exactly like what you’d get if Japan got invited to Eurovision. I’m quite okay with the song, and a hypothetical invitation.

Andreas Stahl: Overblown and mildly awkward, and like being hit by a freight train full of cheese.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Pleasantly generic, in the way that Maroon 5, OneRepublic, and Ed Sheeran ideally are when they’re not being too dull to function.

Will Adams: Apparently the solution to Ed Sheeran’s blandness is to make the songs even more overblown?

Kayla Beardslee: These unimaginative lyrics — “I’m not afraid,” “Raaaaaaain,” rhyming “all the pain” and “yesterday” — just can’t support the drama that Ren pours into them. I couldn’t find a good translation for the Japanese lyrics, so I had to make do with Google Translate (don’t do this), but even scanning that dubious translation didn’t reveal any particularly unusual phrases, just more references to abstract concepts (holding on, dreams fading). The production is competent, but soft pop-rock also doesn’t add much interest to the song. At least Ren sounds committed!

Isabel Cole: Strummily likable in an instantly familiar way which is both agreeable and uininteresting; that guitar line sounds nice while also indicating the lack of surprise to come. I’m kind of into the idea of repurposing hurricane imagery to align with love and transformation rather than devastation, but “wash away the pain” is not a line that can be redeemed in 2019. He has a nice voice, though!

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