Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Lauryn Hill – Repercussions

Remember when Wyclef wasn’t the most successful member of The Fugees?…


Jer Fairall: Twelve years on and she has lost none of it: her gentle yet authoritative vocal presence, her fine ear for sounds that evoke the smoothest and prettiest of 70s funk and soul, her pushy didacticism.

Pete Baran: It’s great to hear her voice again, but this is a thoroughly average showcase. Not as nuts as I had expected, not as interesting as I would want it to be, there is barely a song in here.

Josh Langhoff: I welcome her voice back into my life like a warm hug; but while we embrace, she just keeps blabbering about karma, and I can’t tell whether this is supposed to be an apology or what, and THEN Beaker from the Muppets comes in and starts serenading us, and this is just the most awkward welcome back hug ever.

Martin Skidmore: It’s a laid-back, summery, jazzy number — all very pleasant, but I found myself losing interest almost instantly, which is not promising for a comeback single.

Jonathan Bogart: A sketchy fragment of a Lauryn Hill song is better than no Lauryn Hill at all, and the purp-a-durp synth line is a joy to hear. Sure, it’s lazy as hell and there’s barely anything there, but so what? Not everything needs to cohere.

Al Shipley: Congratulations, you can get on Jill Scott’s level, even if your own level is a distant memory.

Alfred Soto: A couple of weeks ago I fell in love anew with “All That I Can Say,” her 1999 contribution to Mary: a sinuous, airy production on which Mary J. Blige rides triumphantly. This sonic cousin is neither here nor there; she’s trying vocal and production tricks not with abandon, but with the hopes that something will stick — which, after 12 years, it better.

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  1. Not sure if anyone said it yet but congrats to Erika to be the first person to get the Singles Jukebox into the Da Capo Best Music Writing Series!

    I’m putting it here because I’m surprised that Lauryn Hill hasn’t gotten more attention. Is this the first single she’s released since the “Lose Myself” from the Surf’s Up soundtrack, i.e. one of the best songs she’s ever recorded (/realtalk)?


  3. i.e. Congratulations Erika!

    Also, since we’re the only not-American publication in the book, I’mma just go ahead and say we gratefully accept Da Capo’s accolade as the Definitely Official Best British Music Website 2010. True, Erika’s writing was actually in our comments box, but it was our comments box, not, say, BBC News.


    I should actually edit something now, shouldn’t I?

  4. I noticed! Wanted to post on the entry itself but comments were off. Congrats! Awesome piece of writing, too.

  5. I believe Maura Johnston is also in, so big congrats to both.

  6. Word. Congrats, Erika and Maura! BIG SHIT POPPIN’!

  7. Good job, you two!

  8. Yes congrats to Maura too! I only meant to mention here that the SINGLES JUKEBOX is in PRINT. Which means that no matter how bad the internet deletes the fuck out of itself one day, there will always be a record of what happened here.

  9. I noticed! Wanted to post on the entry itself but comments were off.

    yes! and ditto! So I did it on Twitter instead.

  10. I’m sure Erika’s a nice person, but I’ve never disagreed so violently with anything written about rap. (With the possible exception of Nas being the thinnest slice of meat…) That’s a terrible song and her comments, eloquent as they are, only call attention to how bad it is. Jordan’s blurb is very on the money.

  11. Mega congratulations! Maybe we can get a full song entry or a blurb in next time..

  12. As far as comments, my favorite is probably Erika on Lily Allen’s “22”: http://www.thesinglesjukebox.com/?p=1098

  13. I agree, and I think I actually submitted Erika’s comment on “22” to the Da Capo editors (or meant to, anyway).

  14. I submitted a bunch of Jukebox stuff this year — I’ll check the Notable Essays to see if anything else got a nod.

  15. Katherine (and everybody), you should check out what Erika wrote on her lj earlier that month about the “22” video. (I like how both Erika and I end up agreeing that messy Lily is sexier than perfect Lily.)

    (Here’s the “22” vid; the previous links now take us to deletes.)

    Liked a lot of the other comments on the Jukebox “22” thread, too, Cis’s and Lex’s especially.

    As for Lauryn Hill’s “Repercussions,” I think it (like Faith Evans’ “Gone Already”) is getting a bit underrated here, owing to its falling short of what it could be. (And I’ll bet that the same thing happens to Taylor Swift’s “Back To December” when we hit it in a few days.) But expectations are part of the context, so I can’t really argue.

  16. Oh, hey, thanks, everyone! Glad I could do my part in proving the Jukebox better than any other British music publication.

    I don’t know how possible it would have been, but I really think the entire “22” thread — blurbs and comments — should have made it in.

  17. I nominated a few full threads, but didn’t really expect them to get in. The Das Racist one would have been awesome.