Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

645AR – 4 Da Trap

(stratospherically high pitched voice) You aren’t controversial anymore, they said. Where is your standard deviation? they said.


Julian Axelrod: Rap is defined by the next and the now, which means I usually don’t recognize a game changer until the game’s already changed. That’s not the case with 645AR. From the moment you hear his helium-hiked flow, you know it’s something different. It’s the apotheosis of a decade of Thugs and Cartis, but his voice is only half the appeal. It’s the way his bars evaporate before they finish, it’s the surprisingly affecting lines only accessible via written word, it’s the weightless vulnerability every other rapper feints toward but never fully achieves. Maybe we’ll forget this song ever existed, or maybe it’ll spawn 50 more squeaky-voiced MCs. But there’s something here. That exasperated lip-trill is the sound of a million record execs trying to comprehend the future of rap.

Thomas Inskeep: No. Absolutely not.

Alfred Soto: Loath as I am to dismiss this track for its paint-cracking distorted falsettos, it’s what I’m going to do.

Will Adams: Ha! He sounds funny! Okay, the song’s over and the novelty’s worn off. Now what? Well, I can look up the lyrics and try to follow along. It’s at this point I realize how arrhythmic the flow is, how drab the beat is and how wholly useless the song is without the gimmick.

Katherine St Asaph: I don’t think we all adequately prepared for a world where the Cuppycake Gumdrop Song is an actual musical influence.

William John: Sorry to be one of those people that really needs to read another book, but this sounds like the debut single of the Voldemort foetus Harry Potter found in the King’s Cross Station afterlife.

Brad Shoup: I would absolutely prefer 645AR did this before someone on PC Music tried it. The voice is a joke, it’s a prism, it’s cryptography. Someone sighs yeah, someone motorboats. It’s only 90 seconds.

Kylo Nocom: I will forever cherish the highs this song gave me the days after I watched the video, but it’s now been weeks since then. I find it very hard to imagine he can keep this gag up for much longer.

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3 Responses to “645AR – 4 Da Trap”

  1. y’all wilding, this is actually a [15]

  2. v sad to have missed blurbing this because i kind of love it

  3. William I’m howling, nicely done