Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Jehnny Beth – Flower

Savages singer goes solo…


Thomas Inskeep: Goth + synth + To Bring You My Love-era PJ Harvey = yes, more, please!

Leah Isobel: I love how, uh, moist the synth and vocal textures are here — they aptly portray the iridescent, underwater quality of desire — but I prefer my gay sex records to have a sense of humor.

Alfred Soto: “How come I can’t get closer?” she asks. Sing into the mike when the verses come ’round.

Kylo Nocom“Innocence Is Kinky”-adjacent moist-mouthed ASMR located between
sections of plodding faux-soul. Beth’s sexual frustration is purposefully painful to hear, yet the irritation never resolves into a song. “Flower” forces listeners to play along with its spookiness,
plunging into its own depths to find nothing worth saving.

Juana GiaimoThe breathy voice, the sudden change in the chorus and the general mysterious atmosphere are meant to be sensual, but it all sounds too
artificial for me to take it seriously.

Ian MathersTransgression is like comedy — few things are as tedious to sit through
as failed attempts at either. But hey, at least this confirms that the boring thing about Savages was always the singer.

Katherine St Asaph: I mean, it’s good and all, but also a little bit of a dirge, and a lot  superfluous when 2:54’s “You’re Early” exists.

Brad Shoup: At the end, this gothic campfire tale of dirtbag romance loops back on itself and calls the result art pop.

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