Friday, March 6th, 2020

Moses Sumney – Cut Me

We’d rather keep you in…

Camille Nibungco: The throbbing bass chords are the centerpiece of this contemporary Marvin Gaye tribute that ponders if suffering and yearning is worth the transformation. It’s a question that has haunted many a creative mind, but Sumney beautifully crafts this in a way that belongs in a smokey jazz piano lounge, replete with an accompanying horn section too.

Brad Shoup: Starts off as a gorgeous example of knowing the why and still saying why the fuck not. I love the piano clinking like there’s a cautious cat on it, and Sumney’s take on Curtis Mayfield at his most baroque. He spends the last minute or so wandering the house, looking for a drawer to slam his fingers in.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: “Cut Me” renders the vicissitudes of the everyday in lazy, gorgeous, resplendent detail. It’s hard to argue with a song that contains a line as perfect as “masochistic kisses are how I thrive.”

Ian Mathers: I think I prefer the live version, with the rougher live band and slightly less polish to those vocal fireworks, but this is a gorgeous slab of post-D’Angelo stuff regardless.

Alfred Soto: Nodding toward Dave Longstreth as much as D’Angelo, Moses Sumney can’t let a bar well enough alone: his falsetto will tug at a syllable until it yells uncle. It takes a while to accommodate. Stick with it and pleasures abound.

Kylo Nocom: Liked the short peaks in “Godspeed”? Want a whole song of that? Well, here you go. His falsetto travels everywhere, but unlike lesser artists he actually has a destination in mind.

Nortey Dowuona: Slouching bass sits across from Moses, lying alone on the couch. As he opens his mouth, a flock of rooks flee from it, swirling in a circular motion and expanding, with a baby rook taking its first flight playing a tiny toy horn. Two rooks begin singing back-up, with another one playing a bongo and another playing a drum machine, all of them proceeding to pick Moses up by his shoulders. One rook plays a little synth and then pulls up a toy piano as Moses spreads his own massive wings and floats through the roof, leaving the rooks behind. Patiently, they wait for him to drift back down like a leaf and settle on the couch, which he does, before making a sleepy motion to them, at which they play out the outro and dive back into his throat. He settles into a peaceful sleep, while I quietly pick up my laptop and M-Audio keyboard and slink out, making sure to leave my monthly rent.

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