Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Topic ft. A7S – Breaking Me

From topical to… topic-al…


Tobi Tella: Proof that men with deep voices can make completely empty pop music too! I’m glad barriers continue to be broken in 2020.

Thomas Inskeep: More of the variety of super-generic house-turned-pop that the UK loves so much these days, “generic” being the key word in that descriptor.

Alfred Soto: House? More like “The fuck out of my house” amirite

Katherine St Asaph: Dua Lipa – “The Boxer” (Male Version)

Will Adams: Normally your “la-la-la” hook is there to enhance your anonymous, bouncy house tune, not hinder it.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: The melodramatic break-up lyrics, “Kun For Mig” beat, and la-la-la-lie hook are all right in my wheelhouse, but the end product of “Breaking Me” feels less than the sum of its parts. Something about A7S’s voices rings as disingenuous, and this feels like an exercise in pandering. 

Scott Mildenhall: The audacity with which this gives Duke Dumont a taste of his own medicine is the best thing about it, though it does have other charms. Every line is as indelibly melodic as it is lyrically forgettable, and there’s a craftsman’s dignity to that. In all its gruff solemnity, “Breaking Me” seems laser-guided to transcend linguistic barriers, and through the skill of all involved, it succeeds.

Olivia Rafferty: Doesn’t deviate from a connect-the-dots late 2010’s pop tune. It’s a “blue-eyed soul” over house music formula that’s developed over the last decade. So once you’ve heard the opening lines, you know how it’s going to play out.

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