Monday, July 20th, 2020

Tei Shi – Die 4 Ur Love

Have you heard the world is ending?


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: An abopalypse with deadly stakes: if “Die 4 Ur Love” was a weapon, it’d be a razor-sharp steel dagger lying on a bed of rose petals. 

Katherine St Asaph: Gorgeous, but what’s the point of an immaculate coruscating polished-pretty gem of a song about the fucking apocalypse? Have we learned nothing from Kesha? That gonzo Lavos gurgle in “Till the World Ends“? Even Alice Chater?

Oliver Maier: “Die 4 Ur Love” is slick and catchy, but poised to the point of stiffness, with an aloof Tei Shi not quite selling the knife’s-edge lyrics. This problem is best summed up by the way she repeats “apocalypse,” with the same melody, between the pre-chorus and hook, as a clause of its own with no meaningful relation to the rest of what she’s saying. Not only does the repetition feel like slapdash recycling, but lyrically it’s not much more than a clunky signifier of non-specific stakes, a smoke machine kicked on when half of the audience has left already.

Tobi Tella: Soft and inviting even at rock bottom; the casaulness mitigates the heartbreak.

Leah Isobel: Tei Shi is a quintessential [6] artist, but her solemn pronunciation of “apocalypse” — a great word to include in a pop song! — upgrades this to a solid…

David Moore: Sleek electropop that might be Tei Shi’s most transparent play for wider recognition, since her sneakier hooks and subtler pop moves circa Crawl Space weren’t world-beating, perhaps by design. Still, I think her former sound — ingratiating but claustrophobic — feels closer to the zeitgeist.

Nicholas Donohoue: I’m a sucker for any pop song format that’s just piling up 10 or so hooks all on top of each other without ever giving away the game. The level of expectation setting and release here is such a mood and groove based slice of solid craft that you end up with a full soundscape that’s earned its total consuming final 30 seconds. All so while keeping a cool head that does invoke a form of apocalypse, however bound in any one line by putting every flavor and twist somewhere in the layered cake buildup.

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