Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

City Girls – Jobs

We’d say it’s a timely title, but when the hell in 2020 wouldn’t it be?


Leah Isobel: “Jobs” is admirably efficient; Miami and JT come in, drop their bars, and leave. It’s not as effusive as their past work, but it’s lean and focused, and their rapport is as strong as ever.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: A [4] for Miami, a [6] for JT. Everything else is a wash, but the former feels overly derivative (somewhere between “Savage” and “Nonstop,” which is to say at the exact center of contemporary rap), while the latter at least has enough switches to flip to make “Jobs” feel less like drudgery.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: In this economy, where elites are protected from economic and health risks and value humans as expendable capital, thank you, City Girls, for the hilarity and subversiveness of “I don’t work jobs/Bitch, I am a job.” Capitalism, what’s good? 

Katherine St Asaph: Something tells me a lot of people are going to be really feeling this song in the next month or two. Although maybe in remix form, i.e., over 2 minutes.

Thomas Inskeep: “I don’t work jobs, bitch, I am a job” is a great line, and Yung Miami and JT have wonderful voices and flow. That said, with this clocking in at 2:01, I want more verses and more song.

Alfred Soto: I can foresee a moment, like a similar one with DaBaby, when their boasting and teasing will sound blah. What stops me: I love their vocal tone. Far from star-worthy or even immortalizing, City Girls sound like normal people with unusual self-confidence. This is the secret of good hip-hop and dance.

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  1. I’m waiting for a review of Jessy Lanza’s latest single :(, it’s chill as hell, she’s the queen of subtle pop.

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