Friday, October 2nd, 2020

24kGoldn ft. Iann Dior – Mood

The “Mood” for dancing? Romancing? We’re giving it [4] tonight…


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: As a TikTok, “Mood” delivers: the spry and zippy hook pleasantly soundtracks the accompanying dance challenge. The problem, though, removed from the app and hook, is that there’s barely a song: just post-Post Malone musings starved for substance, barely filling out a 2:30 run time. 

Juana Giaimo: I’m glad that “Mood” only lasts less than two minutes and a half, because that’s all it needs to sound fresh without becoming boring. Although the lyrics talk about a toxic relationship and playing love games to avoid depression, “Mood” actually has a warm and upbeat production — particularly thanks to the guitar riff. While 24kGoldn has a very animated and spontaneous flow, Iann Dior is definitely the angsty one (especially with the way he extends the vowels) and together they balance each other out.

Thomas Inskeep: Just what the world needed, the love child of Post Malone and Juice WRLD.

Will Adams: I’ll give it this: it’s the first — and probably only — time I’ll ever suggest, “needs more Marshmello.”

Brad Shoup: Fantastic chorus — it works great with the yearning chording, which recalls the sound of pop-punk breaching itself on the music video channels circa 2002. The verses are bad — hard to imagine anyone pulling off rhyming “attached” and “unattach,” and it’s only slightly easier to imagine someone thinking “regular/cellular” is a pairing that still works — but that chorus is immaculate. 

Scott Mildenhall: Halfway between a jingle and a song — and a decent jingle, with its creditable commitment to GOOSE vowels — “Mood” is utilitarian; one-dimensional in both structure and attitude, with neither the time or inclination to consider its subject’s viewpoint. It’s curious how a yet more uncomplicated “Complicated” is what’s called for in 2020, but the curiosity wears off fast.

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2 Responses to “24kGoldn ft. Iann Dior – Mood”

  1. didn’t end up blurbing this in time because i realized i had nothing to say, which is essentially a [3] of omission imo

  2. Zero is correct. One of the worst hooks of the year.

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