Sunday, December 20th, 2020

Best of Bonus Tracks, 2020

It’s been a long year, filled with good music and not many other good things, but we’re almost at the end. Our contributors have, as always, continued to produce great work (both for the Jukebox and outside of it), so as a way of wrapping up this year in Bonus Track posts, we asked our writers to submit their favorite non-Singles Jukebox work they did in 2020.

The list below includes reviews, blog posts, newsletters, original music, podcasts, personal essays, and more, about topics ranging from music to sports to video games to film. Some of these links have been shared in Bonus Track posts before, while some (including many submissions from recently joined writers) are new. We hope you find some entries of interest while browsing this post, and, above all, appreciate the diversity of our writers’ thoughts, interests, and creations.

Of course, this post doesn’t include every single Jukebox contributor or every single work of note: if you’d like to read more from us, you can browse earlier 2020 Bonus Track posts at this link. Part 2 of 2020’s year-end Bonus Tracks will go up next week, and will be a collection of links to some of our writers’ personal end-of-year Best Of lists. In the meantime, Readers’ Week will begin tomorrow!

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