Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Caamp – Officer of Love

We begin our Wednesday with some reading of the room…


Vikram Joseph: Lord, grant me the confidence of these three men in cowboy hats releasing a song with the same chords, tempo and strumming pattern as Waxahatchee’s “Can’t Do Much” six months later and hoping that no one will notice. “Officer Of Love” is a fairly whimsical, anodyne, weightless thing, a copy of a copy of a copy of any number of early-2010s men with acoustics (they wish they were Whitney – dream big, boys! — but more closely resemble palliative-stage Wilco with a hint of Mac DeMarco’s unbearable smirk). And where “Can’t Do Much” swung into a gorgeous chorus, Caamp opt instead for the patently ridiculous line, “She is an officer of love, and I’ll obey her every word.” This isn’t actively unpleasant, but it also doesn’t need to exist.

Juana Giaimo: Raspy male vocals, a relaxed, strumming acoustic guitar, a quiet beat, lyrics about love on a road trip… are you sure this isn’t a parody? I can imagine it being the background music in a bar owned by three friends who thought it was cool and rebellious to quit their jobs and start selling their own brand of beer.

Will Adams: Bullshit. You know why? One month prior to “Officer of Love” you dedicated a single to “those fighting against climate change and racial injustice.” Which means you’ve followed that up with a song about following orders from a lady cop (who you wonder might have “a gun hidden up her sleeve” — christ) that you don’t bother giving a decent vocal and ending your cutesy collage video with a “Vote for love” message — in this current climate. Which means racial justice is just as much a slapped-on marketing tool as the empty folk pastiche here. Per your press release, you ask of us, “Let’s all choose love.” Uh, she’s a cop, dude. That’s choosing violence.

Aaron Bergstrom: Fun Fact: The extra “A” stands for “ACAB.” (It doesn’t.) With a hook built on a pledge of obedience and scattered references to guns, pickup trucks, and an army of religious zealots marching into battle, this is either indecipherable allegory or just unfortunate timing for a harmless Foxygen homage. I’m going with the latter.

Katherine St Asaph: ACAAB

Thomas Inskeep: Musically, this reminds me of Camper Van Beethoven’s “Take the Skinheads Bowling,” only slowed down. Lyrically, I mean, c’mon: it’s titled “Officer of Love,” FFS. Actually, come to think, lyrically this could almost be late-period CVB. That’s not a compliment.

Iain Mew: Take a walk on the mild side.

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One Response to “Caamp – Officer of Love”

  1. I’m ashamed I even gave them ¢0.0009 by streaming this steaming pile of audible carcass