Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Miranda! & Javiera Mena – Entre las dos

Faster! Faster!


Juana Giaimo: “Entre las dos” isn’t the pop explosion I expected from this collaboration but it’s still a fun song that plays with telenovela themes (but with a LGBTQ+ twist) the way Miranda! has always known how to do. The deep synths and slow beat (fun fact, if you speed it up to x1.25 it’s a house beat!) make a hypnotic mysterious track that goes well with the love affair told in the lyrics. Juliana Gattas’ nasal vocals and Javiera Mena’s deeper voice make a good combination, but I feel the song is asking for some kind of dramatic part that never arrives (maybe a bridge or a verse with Ale Sergi on vocals?)

Rodrigo Pasta: Sure appreciate hearing Juliana’s voice over Ale’s for a change (and watching the music video, it’s clear he’s more than fine with it). Makes sense that this becomes a secret sapphic love song, and she and Javiera Mena have more than enough chemistry to pull it off. They keep everyone (and in particular, every man) away from their encounters, and so, the music has a certain “closed doors” kind of atmosphere, with enough bombast in between its silhouette-like synths to properly convey this story. Not Miranda!’s best — they’ve delivered far better hooks — but a triumph when it comes to setting a tone and a mood. You wanna see something hidden? You won’t find it here, but you will realize it’s there.

Will Adams: The decelerated tempo (seriously, try it 30% faster and it’s eurodance bliss) suggests that they’re going for atmosphere instead of groove, which is still fine. The contrast between Gattas’ and Mena’s voices sets the stage for an evanescent synthpop hymn that throbs with tension.

Dorian Sinclair: A duet between altos can be a tricky thing to balance — you want voices that work well together, but as they’re singing in the same range (in this case, literally echoing the same melody), they need to be clearly differentiated. Miranda! recruiting Javiera Mena to be on this track was a great choice, as her voice’s warmth contrasts really appealingly with Juliana Gattas’s sharper, breathier sound. Add that to the production — which smartly lets the vocals hold the spotlight — and that catchy-yet-haunting chorus, and you end up with a real winner of a track.

Thomas Inskeep: The groove is slinky, gently throbbing synthpop, Miranda!’s Juliana Gattas and Mena have great vocal chemistry, and the lyrics are crazy lesbionic — what’s not to like?

Austin Nguyen: A chiaroscuro rendering of “Corazón Astral” encased in a crystal ball with exhales of ecstasy turned into window-fogging breaths, daring you to wipe the glass and take a look. The camera pans out here, skin-tracing touches now put out for voyeuristic display (“He watches from his window, out, far from the bed”), but Miranda! and Mena savor it, carving distance into a knife to twist into the male gaze (“He can’t do anything….”) and hypotheticals into come-ons: “What if he sees us?” Well…what if he see us?

Edward Okulicz: I’ll admit that I have a fondness for both these artists at a few more BPMs. But “Entre las dos” has the same pulse and grind of Mena’s best songs, so it’s definitely a tight integration of her strengths into Miranda!’s already very varied palette. It’s a strong composition with catchy melodies, again, could have been done by either of these artists. My one quibble, and it’s not a big one, is that Juliana and Javiera sound a lot more similar together than I’d have expected — in particular, Mena’s chalky texture seems to have been toned down, so it sounds more like one singer rather than two — I don’t hear any frisson, but this sounds like warm, extended evenings in the southern hemisphere summer, whether you’re one person or two (or more).

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