Saturday, February 13th, 2021

Doja Cat – Streets

Scoring higher than on her last two appearances, a quite literal step up to the “Streets”…


Samson Savill de Jong: One of Doja Cat’s most endearing qualities for me is that she has a sense of humour and fun in her music (we’re only two years removed from “Mooo!”). This song is not that. Instead it’s earnest, and while an artist should never be consigned to being silly forever, I don’t think it does her any favours. The singing is decent, the production’s alright, the rapping is extremely ordinary, but fundamentally I just don’t care to hear Doja Cat be in love with some generic and detail-light dude, and this song does not change that stance.

Thomas Inskeep: Doja Cat’s a mediocre singer — her voice is so thin — and a worse rapper, but at least production duo Blaq Tuxedo give her a half-decent track to do both things atop. And I’ll give her credit for the surprise of releasing a sadgirl ballad.

Alfred Soto: Like Jennifer Warnes and Emmylou Harris, a solid harmonist who vaporizes when making contact with a mike.

Julian Axelrod: I always assumed the TikTok challenge’s indelible opening doo-wop crawl was part of “Streets,” especially since Doja sounds more natural over cheeky sample flips than murky slow jams. Keep your B2K by way of Bryson Tiller, give us Paul Anka by way of Just Blaze.

Austin Nguyen: It veers towards final-boss melodrama at times (namely, the operatic staccato “ah”s that feel like they’re missing an extra -lleluia at the end), lyrical ineptitude at others (there has to be a better metaphor for homewreckers besides “one of the chickens tryna get in my coop” that rhymes with “dude”), but if freeing Doja Cat from “Say So” means stepping in and out of Bryson Tiller’s late-night trap shadows, then “Streets” is at least a reprieve that possesses actual, narcotized gravity and depth.

Nortey Dowuona: The imposing, growling bass sprinkles a squeezed synth peal as it rides the spinning kicks atop the chattering percussion and arch, heightening snares. Doja softly wafts through the bass’s armpits, then spikes it in the face, trying in vain to entice her lover back — he has cycled away on the cobblestones, never to return. B2K answer their phones, and gently tell Doja the Streets have him now.

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One Response to “Doja Cat – Streets”

  1. I’ll just listen to the first 10 seconds and pretend it’s “Ballin'” by Roddy Ricch and Mustard instead.