Friday, May 7th, 2021

Young Thug & Gunna – Ski

Today’s top question: what yoghurt brand would you name a song after?


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: I’m not going to lie and say that this differs significantly from the other 37 Young Thug/Gunna tracks that have come out over the past half decade. In the limited [4]-[7] range that this corpus occupies, “Ski” rates as pretty good — the slight late-2000s retro of the synths and the smooth handoff between the two lend the song a certain charm within the strictures of their styles.

Thomas Inskeep: This sounds distinctive. Young Thug and Gunna have voices that, while similar in tone, don’t sound like most rappers currently in the game. (And heaven knows they sound great together.) They’re not rapping over acoustic instrumentation, thank god. The beat’s simple and effective, with a little string sample offering perfect punctuation. The more this sinks in, embedding itself in my brain, the more I love it. 

Mark Sinker: (tsunami)(woo)(woo)(yeah)(yeah)(yeah)(yeah)(woo)(skrrt)(yeah)(yeah (yeah)(yeah)(yeah)(let’s go)(tryna hit, yeah, yeah)(‘fore she can talk to the, yeah)(skrrt, skrrt)(my shoes)(woah)(20)(woo)(woo, woah, woah, yee, woo)(woo)(ski)(ski)(let’s go)(yeah, yeah)(yeah)(tree)(be cheap)(bucket seats)(four-door)(know what I need)(hardly speak, yeah)(yeah)(yeah) (yeah)(woo)(ski)(ski)(let’s go)(yeah, yeah)(yeah)

Al Varela: You don’t have to think too hard about a Young Thug song. You either feel it or you don’t. That was my attitude towards the songs I heard off of Slim Language 2, and “Ski” ended up being the ones I liked pretty instantly. It’s got a triumphant string melody, similar to the horn line on “Hot”, but its flow is a bit jumpier and the energy is a lot more pronounced. I honestly love how the chorus is just Young Thug adlibbing and feeling the beat as it shakes the room. It’s loose and fun! Easy to come back to.

Samson Savill de Jong: Thugger is so damn infectious. A line like “She said, ‘You murk ’em, I show you my coochie'” should be inexcusable, but it’s kind of impossible to stay mad at the guy. He just puts a smile on your face in the same way a particularly dumb labrador does, and he knows where his strengths are, as shown by naming the song after one of his wonderful little ad libs. There is literally no scenario where I’d actively want to put this on, but I can’t hate on it either.

Ian Mathers: Neither originated it, but I’m weirdly into how much some of the percussion here reminds me of this Headphone Science record from 2003 I love. Everything comes around, I guess. The question with these guys is usually going to be, is it good obnoxious or bad obnoxious? So far this feels like the good kind.

Alfred Soto: Surrounded by pretenders and supplicants, Young Thug still whines and snaps like no one else. With Gunna matching him in humor “Ski” would’ve satisfied in 2014 and will in 2024. 

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  1. Shoutout Mark for the best review ever written on this site.