Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Polo G ft. Lil Wayne – GANG GANG

Or, RAPSTAR ft. Rap Star


Andrew Karpan: If the coming longplayer is, like the pundits and the charts say, Polo G’s big grab at mass communication, “GANG GANG” is a curious outlier, a slinky piece of mock R&B that comments on the form while performing it, a kind of glittering irony that the video clip generates into an incredibly lucid amount of sense. (It involves a lot of “magical CGI lightning.”) The star feature, played by an inimitably game Lil Wayne, reaches its equally curious apex when, in a largely unrelated aside, the New Orleans rapper drums up with the phrase “Uncle Snoop and Martha Stew” to describe the languid, too-familiar pair of lifestyle-icons-turned-reality-TV-stars. Which is to say that it’s an introspective party record, in that it celebrates itself, quietly and with some remove.

Oliver Maier: “@ MEH” with the empty spaces coloured in. Polo is unexciting but dependable, mostly here to set up the alley-oop for a mesmerizing Wayne verse.

Ady Thapliyal: Polo G crams two choruses into his half of the song, while Lil Wayne gets two dozen bars to play around in — Weezy kills this, but it wasn’t a fair fight. There’s no space for Polo G to show off his renowned lyricism, but Wayne is right at home on a bubbly pop track. And the crystalline production from the completely unknown Angelo Ferraro is spectacular. 

Nortey Dowuona: I was gonna make an I Am joke, but I guess this is the “Favor for a Favor.” That’s great, ‘cuz “Favor for a Favor” is great and so is this.

Samson Savill de Jong: Polo G’s verse is pretty good, but that’s about it. The beat is dull, and even though Wayne buries himself under so much Auto-Tune that it’s hard to parse his words initially, what he’s actually saying is pretty trash, words designed to rhyme rather than make sense.

Mark Sinker: It’s not really what the words are saying at all but the sound here is just full of lazy summer languor and fuck-it why-do-anything-now physical wisdom that I’ve decided not to push past that today…

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Polo G sounds better here than he does on his typical acoustic-sad-type-beats — his own mix of melancholy and grandeur is already full-formed enough that he doesn’t need the backing track to match him exactly. Instead, he gets one of Drake’s lackeys to conjure up something farther on the fringes of contemporary rap, closer to Injury Reserve (RIP) or Drain Gang beats in its synthetic organicism. It’s like he’s wrestling with the beat itself, his croons and boasts brushing up against the burble of the synths. It’s fruitful territory for Wayne as well — in the livelier atmosphere he sounds less like the museum piece that his features over the past year have made him out to be. Instead, he manages to conjure up something of the old mixtape Weezy — he even shouts out his past lives as he repeats the hook, taking Polo G’s tribute and turning it into something of a rededication.

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  1. over the course of three solo singles polo g has had essentially a linear improvement– 6.29-6.5-6.86. at this rate he’ll top the sidebar around album 4

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