Friday, June 18th, 2021

Megan Thee Stallion – Thot Shit

Snow in summer? Why not!


Leah Isobel: “Hands on my knees, shaking ass: on my thot shit” is an archetypal Megan Thee Stallion image, but it’s also one subject to any number of bad-faith readings, so each verse methodically destroys each one. Is she on her thot shit to please men? No: “I’ll be damned if he thinking he’s popping up on this pimping.” Is she on her thot shit because she doesn’t value herself? No: “Looking in the mirror like ‘Damn, I don’t brag enough.'” Is she on her thot shit because it’s all she has to offer? No: “I’m the shit, per the Recording Academy.” Of course, this would all be empty posturing if her flow wasn’t the best it’s been since… 2018, maybe? But it is, so you walk away from the song with one final, inescapable conclusion. Why is Megan on her thot shit? Because it’s fucking fun.

Alfred Soto: Body positive to the point of saturation, “Thot Shit” mentions thighs and knees, rhymes mirror/posterior, and considers the possibilities of a mouth full of VVs. A terrific performance: Cupcakke rated PG-13. 

Dede Akolo: Stallion got to the conflation of erotic attraction and repulsion within the patriarchal psyche in less than five minutes. The last shot of the film brings me the same visceral energy as hearing Kennie JD talk about the 2017 Spanish film Skins. Unlike Skins, however, Stallion knows how to make entertaining material. And if some film-bro comes at me about the deeper meaning of Skins and Samantha’s mouth, I will punt you so hard your ass’ll turn into your mouth. 

Samson Savill de Jong: Megan acting like she’s ever not on her thot shit. Thee equine rapper continues to be a good lyricist with excellent flow, dancing right up to corny bars without ever crossing the line. But the beat is limp and lifeless and dull, which makes me wonder why Lil Ju was so keen that we knew he made it that he put his tag on twice. Still, Megan’s clearly in her comfort zone, and while it’s a very profitable place for her to be at the moment and means there’s always a baseline listenability to her songs, I’d like to see what would happen if she pushed the boat out a little more.

Ian Mathers: Especially in video form, probably my favourite combo of justifiable chest-beating fire track and low-blow political catharsis since “Nobody Speak”.

Edward Okulicz: Maybe some of her tracks have gone harder or had better beats and production (though this one’s fine, don’t get me wrong). But “Thot Shit” has easily the highest ratio of killer lines that made me laugh, snort, smile or gasp to ones that didn’t. And those lines that didn’t aren’t bad, it’s just that sometimes that you need a minute or a line to regain your composure or catch your breath. This is completely imperious stuff in that it’s funny, superbly paced and deliciously smutty. All of Megan’s virtues are in perfect balance.

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