Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Roddy Ricch – Late at Night

Vincent Price does not make an appearance…


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: From the low-budget “Thriller” music video, to the second verse where Roddy Ricch sounds so much like Young Thug that I had to verify that it wasn’t, in fact, actually Young Thug, to the stale DJ Mustard beat, every element of “Late at Night” nods to brilliance, but lacks originality.

Alfred Soto: After a helluva year, Roddy Ricch dips his bucket into Mustard’s bottomless well for an impressive mix of rapping and singing. Lots of unexpected rhymes (paint/cain’t), a couple of delightful similes,  that “and rah-rah-rah-ride” in the last thirty seconds. Unnecessary but worth it.

Tobi Tella: I appreciate the attempt at versatility, but it’s sad to see someone who actually has flow down this bad against the number of syllables in each line.

Nortey Dowuona: The plush chords and clicking snaps besides the bumping drums and lithe percussion next to the slinky bass feels warm and gorgeous as Roddy coos and hums sweet nothings in your ears.

John S. Quinn-Puerta: Riding the same chord structure throughout the song would get boring in less capable hands. It’s the variation in the percussion and flow that keeps me interested here, with no two verses using the same cadence, and parallel structure drawing me in. 

Juana Giaimo: I really like everything that is happening on the music track — the muffled vocals, the calm keyboards and how the beat changes from single snaps to a more complex one pattern in the first verse and how it almost disappears towards the end. Unfortunately, Roddy Ricch seems to be singing over another more simple and conventional track.

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