Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Anne-Marie & Niall Horan – Our Song

Pictured: Niall riding shotgun with his hair undone in the front seat of her car…


Katie Gill: I’ve gotta give it up for the terrifying power of band fandoms. Because honestly, the influence of Directioners pushing this song and streaming it nonstop is the only way I can think of that something as mediocre, as middle of the road, and as aggressively background music like this can get over 10 million views, let alone over 18 million.

Jeffrey Brister: It is a pop song, in the academic sense. There is an arrangement, there is melodic variance between the verses and the chorus and the bridge (scratch that, it’s just the chorus again but quieter), and there are voices singing words. But there is absolutely nothing distinctive about it. From top to bottom, it’s a box-checking exercise, a rundown of characteristics, rather than a fully realized piece of art. Decent chorus, at least — but that’s about it.

John S. Quinn-Puerta: With how indistinguishable this song is from any of these other boring guitar riff breakup ballads, they must be remembering each other every ten to fifteen minutes. 

Vikram Joseph: This is so insipid I just can’t believe that these two protagonists ever had feelings for each other. Anne-Marie has yet to bring a discernible personality to any of her work; Niall Horan presumably left his at home in solidarity, and the watery production and dull songwriting do neither of them any favours.

Edward Okulicz: The narrative of this is such a nothing, and it’s still a nothing when you split it between two singers’ perspectives. Duets are often a fiction, often between two singers who don’t know each other that well, let alone gone through the kind of break-up they sing about, but this one feels particularly antiseptic, like neither of them are even trying. There’s one good bit; the pre-chorus is the only moment where “Our Song” does something you couldn’t have extrapolated from the first five seconds, temporarily upping the drama, but even that leaves me let down from an emotional climax nobody thought to write.

Oliver Maier: Niall Horan continues his streak as the most reliable 1D expat, largely because it still seems like no-one has told him they broke up. Anne-Marie sounds exactly like Bebe Rexha. A perfectly fine, no-nonsense thing.

Scott Mildenhall: Perhaps it’s a conceptual virtue that this song is so unremarkable. For all their feelings, no longer can its protagonists live together, and so just as tantalisingly, we never get to hear what their song was, or even what it was like. The blandness of “Our Song” is therefore a memorial to what was lost: vitality, unity and spark. It’s smart; almost as smart as understanding that people love inoffensive music.

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