Monday, July 19th, 2021

BTS – Permission to Dance

No. Only we may dance.


Juana Giaimo: Sorry, I can only enjoy two generic feel-good singles from BTS. A third was completely unnecessary. 

Dede Akolo: I’m staring into the void and contemplating how we have let Ed Sheeran get away with such heinous crimes against music.

Alfred Soto: The brightest tune Ed Sheeran’s written, “Permission to Dance” has a courtly attitude, the sort of tune carved from decades of pop culture ideas about high school dances. So insouciant about proffering platitudes over stop-start dynamics that I want Sheeran and his writers to compile them, Yoko-esque, into a mass market Grapefruit.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Over-enthusiastically saccharine and awkward feeling, not unlike a school dance chaperone who might tell you to have fun, and then hover uncomfortably over you. 

Anna Katrina Lockwood: “Permission to Dance” sounds like a Disney Channel end credits song with all the fun and life sucked out of it. How lamentable that Western commercial success has brought the formerly creatively unique and truly vital BTS to such straits. 

Michael Hong: On last year’s “Black Swan,” BTS asked “what happens if I can no longer create as me?” The stirring and claustrophobic art-film suggested that they’d hold their artistic pursuits above everything, but their recent string of singles seems to suggest they’d rather cash in on soulless back-to-school COVID commercial jingles.

Thomas Inskeep: Probably should’ve asked permission before going with something this unoriginal and unexciting.

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6 Responses to “BTS – Permission to Dance”

  1. I missed blurbing this but my entire blurb would’ve been I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

  2. SAME

  3. In defense of high school dances though, just finished Never Have I Ever and it ended with “Say Something” (Kylie Minogue’s)


  5. The song is way too childish for them

  6. Nothing about PTD feels like a song by BTS. Disappointed.

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