Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

J Balvin & Skrillex – In Da Getto

If this pattern holds, in about 20 years we’ll get an “In Da Getto” remake with different slightly altered vowels…


Thomas Inskeep: Nothing against producers Skrillex and Tainy, but it’s David Morales and the Bad Yard Club’s 1993 house classic of the almost-same name that does the heavy lifting here, as it’s lifted almost completely wholesale. J Balvin raps a bit over the track, but honestly doesn’t add much of anything. You’re better off going back to the bangin’ original.

Will Adams: An uncomplicated song; Skrillex and Tainy do a quick remake of David Morales’ “In De Ghetto” and add in some J Balvin verses. Delta Bennett’s original hook remains the highlight, while J Balvin sits on cruise control. “Uncomplicated” could be a nicer way of saying “uninspired”, but since childhood I’ve had an affinity for house organ and Jock Jams CDs, so my foot was tapping.

Iris Xie: What’s that one song they play before NBA basketball games, or in Space Jam? The one with the very wonky synth? This seems like a weirdly watered-down version of it, or trying to not copy *the* hype song. If you’re going to try to not copy a hype song… make your own? But still, I don’t know if I can write a better comment than the one I found on YT: “Deberían de meter esta canción en FIFA 22!!” or “They should put this song in FIFA 22 !!”

Oliver Maier: J Balvin’s usual reggaeton through bloodshot hip-house eyes, maybe a little grime in there too — Skrillex and Tainy’s donk-centric production recalls the ruthless, self-insistent banger philosophy of Dizzee Rascal. J Balvin is solid but too terminally cool to really sell the mania; the more expressive Bad Bunny would’ve been my choice.

Nortey Dowuona: J. Balvin rapping over reggaeton/garage made by Tainy and Skrillex is much better than I initially thought! Unfortunately, what I initially thought it would sound like is trash.

Tim de Reuse: Whoa, Skrillex! You’re still kickin’ around, huh? Well, he could’ve fooled me – other than the slightly-angrier-than-usual production on that kick drum there isn’t a trace of him here; besides, given how inexplicably dry everything is, I would sooner have attributed the instrumental to a demo track included in an off-brand budget DAW. J Balvin does his best to inject some energy into it but no amount of charisma can finish a track that isn’t finished.

Juana Giaimo: I think J. Balvin has released some of the most important music of last decade, but lately it seems that he has given everything he had to give. This is a great example: “In Da Getto” would have been much better without him. Skrillex did a great job in doing an explosive track. It’s short and intense, so I appreciate the spaces he left for the track to breathe. Meanwhile, J. Balvin is just there mumbling words without any kind of flow and that don’t make much sense. I can’t avoid thinking this was a missed opportunity for a great song.

Alfred Soto: Too short for revulsion, too long for this level of annoyance.

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know the track was a remake. That really lowers my score.

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