Monday, October 11th, 2021

Bonny Lovy – La Cumbia Boliviana

Turns out it’s one of our preferred types of cumbia…


John S. Quinn-Puerta: I sat down to write something, and then I started dancing, and then I started drinking, and then I think I just paid for international shipping to buy a charango. 

Andrew Karpan: Pitbull may have trademark-protected his grito but that isn’t stopping Bolivian singer Bonny Lovy from letting loose with a party record that floats between urgent dispatches of such likeminded buoyant yelling mixed with his own tender chanting, a warm sound that dangles in the night air. Lovy’s voice is a charismatic hang and his urgent chest-beating hums with the vibe of a good time. Don’t call it fair use, call it fun use. 

Ian Mathers: I don’t know enough about the form to know what makes this cumbia Bolivian specifically; maybe it’s the way the whole thing seems to sway slightly, drunkenly, even the stiff, clomping beat? Maybe it’s the way the ends of some lines are doubled by what might be the bald guy from Aqua? Or maybe it’s just that “La Cumbia Boliviana” is so dang fun.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: Some people might be scared off by those blaring synth-flute lines, but frankly, nothing says real modern Cumbia than that. Of course, the charango is what puts this closer to actual Bolivian-style cumbia, but yeah, you can’t take back the sheer Argentinidad in the final product, with the cheap reggaeton beat underneath it all.  

Nortey Dowuona: The pulsing bass and shivering percussion tricks you into thinking this is gonna be a slumber. Then it gets saddled by the heavy reggae drums, the taut guitar strums and the horn skips, tricking you into thinking this is gonna be a big, massive song. Then you play it on good speakers and you realize the bass is the only thing that’s actually moving. The rest of this is a 2D picture of a party you were invited to and never made it to before it ended. And now you’re tricked out, and you decide to leave with that irritating synth melody and realize you’ve been tricked into thinking the song was about to end and now you’re stuck for another minute, and by the time the beer chorus comes in, it’s too late. You got tricked into waiting for the drinks and now they’re all gone.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Ok this guy maybe supported the coup in Bolivia but this still goes moderately hard.

Alfred Soto: I can think of few malaises that a cumbia can’t cure, and while Bonny Lovy sings rather harshly for the genre and needs less generic titles, this things swings

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