Friday, November 12th, 2021

MEDUZA ft. Hozier – Tell It to My Heart

“Taylor Dayne” does sound like “fail again” when you listen with your chest…


Alex Clifton: The danger with naming your song the same thing as an already iconic and hummable one is that the predecessor can overwhelm it if it’s not memorable enough. I wanted this to be as sticky as “Tell It to My Heart” by Taylor Dayne (I’ve watched too much Drag Race, I guess) but this is not that, and it unfortunately distracts from what’s an okay song. It’s cool to see Hozier do something out of his comfort zone, but I would’ve preferred that Meduza hadn’t tamed his voice with AutoTune — I think the combination of a rawer, more rugged voice with electronic blippy stuff could’ve been interesting. Can’t say they didn’t try, though.

Andrew Karpan: The fuzzy DJ duo deliver another dud with another bland Irish pop star, striking a notable blow to their batting average as purveyors of interesting dance music, but building toward a more cohesive vision of a certain kind of ambient pounding. If this is what people want, they should get Bono on next. 

Claire Biddles: With more than a passing resemblance to the 2015 Swedish Eurovision winner, “Tell It to My Heart” expands the breadth and depth of its euro-dance thanks to Hozier’s malleable vocals. His ability to switch from a brooding baritone soliloquy to an all-out yell makes me wonder why he hasn’t featured on something like this before. The song is fine!

Tim de Reuse: Aside from a few telltale croaks in the opening bars, it’s remarkable how this anemic house treatment totally flattens out Hozier’s voice even as it puts him front and center, pulling the word “heart” through melodic contortions that I feel I’ve heard a million times from vocalists with significantly less star power. I’m not particularly a fan of Hozier and even I feel like this was a waste of his time.

Thomas Inskeep: I’m no Hozier fan, but his voice is actually a good match for EDM, as it sounds somewhat processed to begin with, and he can get overdramatically shouty for the “big” points of the song. This isn’t great, and I can’t imagine ever listening to it again, but for what it is, it works.

Katie Gill: Man, I’m not SURPRISED that Hozier fell into the same “relatively cheap vocalist for a mediocre EDM song, here to provide a vocal line that strips the singer of personality” hole that Aloe Blacc fell into and Rita Ora permanently lives in. I’m just kind of disappointed.

Ian Mathers: This is… fine I guess, but it does completely wipe out any distinctiveness Hozier usually has. He’s clearly trying to sing his butt off, but it only does so much. I feel like I owe several other, less well-known singers on this kind of song retroactive apologies; if Hozier sounds this generic, maybe those other cases were less those singers’ fault too.

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  1. This is really good, but a lithuanian bass remake of Tell It To My Heart would be more replayable

  2. I miss Megan

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