Saturday, December 4th, 2021

SwitchOTR ft. A1 x J1 – Coming for You

Representation win! Quite possibly the first UK hit to feature the word “bisexual”…


Nortey Dowuona: The churning sample and plush keys carried by the lurching bass, shattered percussion and sandfeeted snares sound gorgeous. J1 and A1 follow up with a rough, gnarled verse, then a silky, soft-edge croon. SwitchOTR holds the whole song together with a sweetly phrased tribute that turns to a threat, and a well-written verse that has another weird bisexual punchline.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: The beat is so maudlin that it makes the incompetence of the verses seem more charming — it’s one thing to talk about how your bullets are bisexual over standard drill beats and another to do so over, of all things, an Avicii sample. Sublime.

John S. Quinn-Puerta: I don’t even like “The Nights”, but it still deserves better than this. The flow is boring, reliant entirely on our presumed affection for the hook.

Alfred Soto: One of those tracks I get once in while that leaves no impression despite replay. It reminds me of the easeful, vaguely gross American R&B of the early ’90s but without the vocal hooks.

Iain Mew: The rapping verges on plodding, and has a couple of lines that thud (video game collectibles and choice seems an odd association when the more prominent one is the urge to catch ’em all). There is an inexplicable jump in volume at one point that calls into question the basic competence of the mixing. And yet the swelling sweetness of the sample, and the contrast against the matter-of-factness of everything else, makes it worth it.

Mark Sinker: So the gulf between the sweet high chipmunky sadness and the revenge fantasy underlines that it’s just fantasy — and doesn’t that make it sadder?

Thomas Inskeep: British hip hop, especially the highly charting stuff, seems to have a knack right now for sing-songiness that’s lyrically really dark — if you don’t catch the intent here, there are some conveniently placed gunshot sound effects to guide you. That’s not my issue with “Coming for You,” though, it’s that there’s nothing new or fresh here, just the same ol’, same ol’.

Katie Gill: It’s a pity that they picked something so notable to sample — thematically, it fits “Coming for You” really well. But it definitely gives the first impression that “The Nights” is doing all the work when really, everybody is pulling their weight. The chorus is a bit of a thematic mess, but SwitchOTR’s verse is quite good and has a few moments where his flow stands out and seems quite impressive. But I can’t help wondering if a different sample would take this from good to great.

Oliver Maier: The Avicii interpolation walks the dangerous line between affecting and naff — at any rate it’s the best part of the song. A1 x J1 walk down another line, AKA the one at the middle of the road.

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