Monday, January 10th, 2022

Priya Ragu – Lockdown

Hopefully the only lockdown we’ll have to deal with this year…


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Doesn’t do anything obnoxious with its title conceit, which is half a victory on its own. The rest is almost overstuffed with sonic ideas (the chanted first verse! the bridge harmonies!) — each is thrilling on its own, but when placed all together there’s a strange lack of cohesion, wallpapered over with the clear fun that Priya is having.

Oliver Maier: Ragu’s trop-pop cooing is unadventurous but pleasant enough. The bursts of bratty M.I.A. energy are pulled off — not with aplomb, but pulled off nonetheless — and suggest a more interesting way forward. Bored of songs about this, though.

Katherine St Asaph: Shapeless, sprawling, gimmicky, sounds like Priya holding back more than a bit — and yet somehow bangs?

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Imperious, obnoxious, and swaggering — but with the vision and vocal chops to render itself exquisite — “Lockdown” sounds like an unironically good Selling Sunset soundtrack song. 

Edward Okulicz: Priya Ragu’s melodic smarts and lovely voice mean she’s not just being sassy and cheeky on this track because she can’t do anything else. But although she inhabits both modes pretty well, this still sounds like a trop house track. Or should that be trope house?

Alfred Soto: The trop house percussion compels her to settle for a vocal that sounds as if she projects from under a fire blanket, but to a degree I admire how the track refuses to address These Times. 

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