Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

Jax Jones ft. MNEK – Where Did You Go

Per your song, we went to Y2K…


Thomas Inskeep: Jax Jones does a great simulation of ’90s Eurodance on “Where Did You Go” — so much so that I assumed it was sampling (or interpolating) a song or two. That said, it’s ’90s Eurodance, ugh. Jax Jones does his high-spirited vocal thing, but still: it’s ’90s Eurodance.

Will Adams: I don’t know, y’all: that tinny guitar synth sound à la ATB’s “9PM (Till I Come)” just unlocks something within me. At the very least, it saves this from total anonymity.

Ian Mathers: Thankfully this is “reminds me of watching MuchDance compilation ads on late night TV in high school (affectionate)” rather than “reminds me of watching MuchDance compilation ads on late night TV in high school (derogatory)”. As that might indicate, it also shades a bit generic, but — what a genre!

Oliver Maier: MNEK’s melodies, particularly on the pre-chorus, are so satisfyingly 2000s that I wish it was a more inspired producer bringing them to life. Jones is mostly content to set the track on radio house autopilot, though the sugary drop is just about perfect.

Ady Thapliyal: Jax Jones is chasing the Imanbek phenomenon with this EDM revival, but despite the trend-hopping I still can’t hate something so well-constructed. This is a sturdy mid-century modern — what Tiësto and Ava Max are doing is from IKEA.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: The type of romantic dance track where it’s dubious if “you” is a person who actually ever existed. 

Alfred Soto: For years MNEK has wandered from mid-tier club to club in search of a context for his okay plaintive burr, his tastes in beats becoming distressingly second-rate. “Where Did You Go” is a decent hookup when the beautiful dude by the bar remains unavailable. 

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