Monday, June 6th, 2022

PSY ft. SUGA of BTS – That That

This this?


Katie Gill: It’s a perfectly fine serviceable comeback single! I don’t know what else to say, I’m a big sucker for overproduced K-pop nonsense that is trying hard to appeal to the widest demographic possible. And considering that Suga’s on this song, “That That” fits the description. Nowhere near song-of-the-summer status, but I’ll be perfectly fine blaring it out of my speakers until the actual song of the summer comes along.

Al Varela: I can’t tell if this song is too stupid or not stupid enough. Even at his worst PSY is at least endearingly insufferable. There’s a decent melody in this, and SUGA from BTS lowkey kills his verse, but the song itself is so… meh. Feel like the colliding worlds of two different Korean crossover phenomena should be way more fun than it is.

Tim de Reuse: The line about the pandemic being over is bad. It’s bad when you hear it and it gets worse the longer you listen to the song. It’s truly awful because, even for a generic party tune, this has absolutely no center: no central conceit, no theme, no hook, no aesthetic point. It has a two-note beat, grating minor-keyed melodies, and vocal processing that sounds like Robitussin tastes. Is this the best you can think of to drive us back to the clubs, PSY? Is this the mood we’ve been desperately waiting to return to? Fuck, that’s depressing.

Alfred Soto: An airless Timbaland-esque production circa 2007 gives “That That” heft and momentum, and it’s catchy, but once a gimmick always a gimmick.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Weird role reversal here — PSY, the guy searching desperately for a comeback hit, sounds completely unbothered, lazily talking through his generic party-started material as if it’s all gravy to him. SUGA, on the other hand, raps some of his most inspired material since BTS became global superstars. It’s a disarming combination, a pairing that slightly elevates what would otherwise be perfectly anodyne middle school dance filler.

Dede Akolo: An expected PSY song, with slapstick visuals and celebratory fanfare. But Suga? Unexpected.

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