Monday, June 13th, 2022

The Kid LAROI – Thousand Miles

Maybe we’ll just listen to Vanessa Carlton instead…


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: He’s right about one thing: this is a compelling case to stay away. 

Katie Gill: Glad to see that The Kid LAROI continues to do absolutely nothing to distinguish himself from literally everybody else out there, producing nonentities that will inevitably fade from our collective memory in three months time. Maybe we don’t need to give random teenagers a record contract just because they’ve got famous friends and went viral for a hot second on TikTok.

Harlan Talib Ockey: The Kid LAROI has released this exact song at least twice before. I needed three full business days to figure out what made this version different. If I was forced to describe “Thousand Miles” to a friend, all I’d have would be “I think it’s the one with the piano?” This is a great single for fans who were worried he would change his sound after the success of “Stay” and whoever’s in charge of playing bland rehashes of artists’ previous hits in the grocery store at 6 pm.

Ian Mathers: I’m so incredibly sick of the mini-genre of “I’m a bad person/partner and noting that fact is all I’m gonna do in this song/my career.” Sure it’s a shitty way to be a human being as well as being both shallow and not even remotely compelling with, by design, no real way to have a character arc. There’s no “but” coming. “And I will never change/I couldn’t even if I wanted to for you” You could try, dude! You could struggle against it even a little! Maybe if you did, it’d light enough of a fire under your ass to make your music less generic!

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Angst without emotion: the most worthless feeling of them all.

Alfred Soto: Well, I hope his mom loves him.

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  1. y’all hyped for f*ck love 4: the f*ckening?