Friday, February 9th, 2024

Megan Thee Stallion – HISS

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Megan Thee Stallion - HISS

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: As a lifelong Barb, it saddens me to see Nicki enter a paranoid, truly despicable frenzy. The only upside? We get songs like this. 

Anna Suiter: Megan might have created a brand new season!

Nortey Dowuona: Megan said one line and ended Nicki’s career in one fell swoop, rendered Cardi B irrelevant for another year, and notched another hit. I expect you all to be at the next tour. And be there early!

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: It’s a category error to think of this as a diss track – it’s more a supernova-level airing of grievances, as comprehensive of a litany of disdain as I’ve heard in rap. It loses something in listenability as it goes on — Lil Ju & Bankroll’s beat feeling a little like an endurance test as it grinds you down — but maintains its fundamental appeal no matter how many times you loop it. Megan’s charisma, both as an instrument of inward love and outward spite, shines true.

Will Adams: It’s not a tour de force, it’s a tour de ferocious: Megan’s near non-stop onslaught is a marvel to listen to, no matter the beat’s plainness or the mid-point spoken word bit that trips up the momentum.

Thomas Inskeep: Is any rapper right now better than Megan when she’s on one? Based on “HISS,” maybe not. Also, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves for her little vocal tics, her “ah!”s and “ha!”s, which are nearly as good as Michael Jackson’s.

Ian Mathers: Delightful throughout, but I must admit I giggle like a small child every time I get to “when I’m in the gym I think about bitches that I’m shitting on.”

Joshua Minsoo Kim: The energy is undeniable, but the moment when the beat drops and she talks only dampens the mood. Ultimately, this isn’t a song I care for, but I appreciate that it makes me want to root for her.

Katherine St. Asaph: The fury and virtuosity are both undeniable, even if I’m not really sure whether I like this or just support it.

Leah Isobel: It is very satisfying to hear Megan in firebreather mode, especially since it’s so well-deserved; she’s gotten a raw fucking deal over the past couple of years, and if anyone has the right to let off some steam by shit-talking everyone else, it’s her. She has the technical ability and linguistic smarts to back up her aggression, too. But as satisfying as it is to see her skill and subtlety send one of her adversaries into a week-long tailspin, there’s also something a little disheartening about the spectacle. “Cobra” pushed at the edges of her art, trying to articulate her real struggles within the frame of her party-starter persona, and did an admirable job of inverting her usual performance of sexuality and strength into vulnerability and entrapment. By contrast, “HISS” feels boxed in, not just by the constraints of her public image but by the constraints that the perception of her public image places on her actual selfhood. When she raps, “Say he fucked Megan, and now he the topic / These n***** thinking they lowered the value / All this free promo, I’m turning a profit,” the video shows her nude with her hands tied behind her back: her body, constricted, defenseless, and presumed to be available just because it is visible. That’s the real anger that animates “HISS”: anger that her humanity is not and will never be enough, because of what other people think about her body. But people don’t want to hear that, so instead, we get beef. Yum.

Taylor Alatorre: “Um. Miss… Thee Stallion, ma’am? I’m… not entirely sure if you have a full and accurate understanding of all the processes that factor into the monetization of social media clicks and page views, as well as certain other key elements of the modern attention economy. If you would like to register for my quick-and-easy 6-week course, you could soon be earning a– oh. I see. My bad. I– I’ll just be going, then.”

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  1. disappointing to see some writers uphold the ‘one female rapper only’ mindset.

  2. Would love to see thesinglesjukebox cover DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ’s awe inspiring music at least once. Her new single Anything Lost (Can Be Found Again) is some ofnthe best house/pop/plunderphonics I ever heard!

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