Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

3Ball MTY – Intentalo

The score below also doubles as their average age.


Andrew Casillas: Finally, the wave of ’90s nostalgia hits the Latin American electro-pop circuit. While Chile has the lockdown on ’80s disco rave-ups (see Javiera Mena, Dënver, Mamacita, Roman S., among many others), this Monterrey-based collective has revived the short-lived techno cumbia craze in an invigorating fashion. This isn’t some half-baked throwback to a time that never existed. It’s a rave-up of authentic cumbia rhythms (dig that 3/4 time signature) and crocodile boot-stomping attitude. And there’s nothing else around right now that sounds like it. Orale.

Jonathan Bogart: The music blogs are calling it “tribal,” but it’s just good old cumbia with some hipster electronics laid over the top. Which is no bad thing.

Brad Shoup: This is how you foment fusion. Not through a dippy press release touting your eclectic influences (Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix!), or releasing a self-congratulatory, upwardly-multi mush. 3Ball MTY is doing it the right way: updating the tradition by swiping wholesale, indiscriminately, and un-selfconsciously. “Intentalo” gently upgrades the architecture of cumbia (keeping the triplets, approximating the accordion) while reducing the romanticism just a tad (chiefly, tweaking and cutting off America Sierra’s affectless responses, then giving her the final word.) El Bebeto’s the secret hero here, making a seamless — and surprising — transition from banda to bangin’. He’s more robot than romantic here, but don’t think this song hasn’t got a tremendous beating heart.

Michaela Drapes: There’s something really wonderful about the fringe music bubbling out of Mexico; as ever, kids like 3Ball MTY aren’t just respectful of the music of their parents and grandparents (and in this case, pre-Hispanic ancestors) — but of the entire world, no less. “Intentalo” would sound equally at home at a backyard quinceañera party, making abuelitas dance, as it would in a throbby Euro nightclub, remixed and slipped into an epic DJ set.

Edward Okulicz: When it seems like so much pop music relies too heavily on beats to get you to move, it’s fantastic to hear something that is so rhythically compelling without resorting to thudding and pounding. Instead, “Intentalo” does more with less; its folky chorus teases and its funky accordion squelches excite. I’m not sure if it actually makes me want to dance so much as animate in my chair, but I like a groove I can do sitting down.

Anthony Easton: “Latin Power Music” is YouTube’s designation for this; it sounds like a boshed-out reggaeton. I know nothing, but I know that I could dance to this, and it has some excellent bass.

Katherine St Asaph: Too quiet to dance to, too jittery to leave on in the background, too conducive to either for unadorned listening. Someone out there must have a use for this; I’m at a loss.

Andy Hutchins: Dunno about you, but I’m dancing when this inevitably shows up on the FIFA 12 soundtrack.

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  1. Top ten for this? Really?

  2. The coming war between the people who love Latin dance and the people who don’t is going to be ugly.

  3. I’m not apologizing that I can feel this in my marrow.

  4. no more giant burritos for you, Mathers!

  5. Hey, but you didn’t even write about this, so y’know.

  6. btw its Erick Rincon’s (one of the DJs in the group) 18th birthday today. sooooo pretty good birthday for that dude.

  7. I LOVE YOUR MUSIC [more than i love my boy-friend]