Friday, April 12th, 2013

Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller – The Way

It’s t-shirt weather…


Jonathan Bogart: An imperial-era Mariah Carey tribute from a non-Victoria Justice cast member of Victorious and the clueless man’s Macklemore was maybe the last thing I expected to get hyped about right now, but what the hell. Spring has sprung, and even on a rainy day this sounds ideal.

Crystal Leww: Even Mac Miller’s poor date movie choices (American Beauty? Bruce Almighty?) can’t ruin how fun this track is. It’s a real testament to the source material, sure, but also to Ariana Grande, who manages to pull this off with giddy, unrelenting joy.

Brad Shoup: She’s so focused on the resonance; the verses are just a way to deploy long strands of tone. The pre-chorus breakdowns are half a breather and the best part, kinda like the “boricua/morena” part in “Still Not a Player”. This is nice, but it’s fathoms below the Cher Lloyd/Mike Posner track.

Will Adams: Ariana sounds totally in her element, but it’s hard to believe she loves the way Mac Miller atonally mush-mouths through his verses. The throwback to summer jams like “I Want You” and its ilk is genius, but the pacing is off. The chorus is an imperceptible moment when it should be crystal clear.

Jonathan Bradley: Score one for Mac Miller: his studied reduction of rap to its least distinguishable, most deracinated qualities, has finally paid off. He fits the Generic Rap Guest mold better than anyone this side of Fat Joe — who I mention for a reason: see, “The Way” is little more than a carbon copy of Mexican singer Thalía’s sorely underrated 2003 R&B thug-love jam “I Want You,” which featured Joey Crack in pinch-hitter position (and which was itself a remake of Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player,” which Miller quotes here). In a larger way though, it’s a throwback to all the thug-love jams of the early ’00s, and is thus more welcome for what it represents than what it is. Forget that Grande’s voice is Kleenex flimsy and that neither performer here says anything remotely memorable over the tune’s four minute duration. Just hope that 2013 will see a new summer of nice girls and nice-enough boys J.Lo-ing and Ja Ruling the charts.

Patrick St. Michel: I’m starting to think “Body Party” and its Ciara-Future background has ruined me, because I spent a few minutes trying to figure out if Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were a couple. This information (I don’t think they are?) should have no bearing on “The Way” — but I think I would like this a little more if it were true, in the same way I like to think “Body Party” was written after a game of giant chess. Regardless, this song is great even without the fan fiction. Frat-rap cornerstone Mac Miller works in some dumb stuff (“hit me on my cell-ey” gahhh) but also comes off as oddly earnest (I thought American Beauty was leading to a one-liner…but he just suggests Bruce Almighty). But this is all about Grande’s Mariah Carey imitation over those piano sunbeams, which arrives just in time for Spring. Miller and Grande might not be a thing, but a bunch of couples are gonna be glad they have this one.

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8 Responses to “Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller – The Way”

  1. Amazing song Iove it???

  2. Tuuune. Song of the summer.

  3. AMAZING SONG ? i’m in love with this

  4. Shit. I meant to review this and give it a [9] or something because it has taken over my life and then I forgot that we were running it today. Shit.

    This is amazing. Wonderful. Caught me by surprise because my gut-instinct dislike for Mac Miller and my love for Big Pun and the Fat Joe/Thalia track made me bristle but this is so effortlessly lovely.

  5. This is a [10], sorry. It’s perfect, flawless, everything, etc.

  6. i second crystal. we’re the co-founders of the ariana grande stan club.

  7. Agreed #facts.

  8. Not sure how I managed to be so crabby as to give this only a [5].