Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Yo Gotti ft. Young Jeezy & YG – Act Right

Acting right, far as we can tell, consists of carrying your money in the correct denominations…


Anthony Easton: 150 seems like a lot of bottles. It seems kind of a waste. Like, who gets all of those bottles? Does he make a little fort of them in the midst of his roped-off area in the club?

David Turner: Yo Gotti from M-Town got a beat from Bay Area producer, and Heart Break Gang member, P-Lo then recruited ATL rapper Young Jeezy and L.A. local hero YG. A cross-country collaborative track that  become a hit and has been banging out of cars all summer. The rapping is perfunctory, but P-Lo’s beat is a haunted slap fitting to be the theme of “Ancient Aliens”. Thank You Based Cross-Country Flights and Emails. 

Crystal Leww: The beat to this is incredible, combining the tempo and slap of DJ Mustard’s West Coast style with the groaning bass of the South. Whatever the rappers do almost doesn’t matter as the production keeps up the thrills with “ay! ay!”s that subtley ping around stereo speakers throughout and fake spooky squeals appear to delight from time to time. However, the rapper do a good job with the beat they get. Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy represent where they’re from well with gruff,  half-mumbles that sound right at home on that bass even as they shout out everything from Mac Dre (The Bay), Waka (Atlanta), and Michael Jordan (Chicago). YG is the West Coast rap  representative, and he makes sure to shout out Atlanta boy Trinidad  James.

Jonathan Bogart: Jeezy’s always a great driving companion. Too bad I can’t say the same for the rest of this crew.

Alfred Soto: Jeezy’s got this club slobber down. The rest do their best to ignore the devil without generating the tension necessary to instill belief.

Brad Shoup: Just in time for Halloween, P-Lo offers a hook like a spooked-out suburban porch. I get the fear of overexposure, and I know the Bay likes things minimal. More wailing ghouls would’ve hit the spot though. YG’s verse, like his moniker, is a reduction of Yo Gotti’s; Jeezy rocks his bars, though. That’s enough.

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