Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Parmalee – Carolina

At least have the good taste to call it “Cackalacky”…


Brad Shoup: Burn Carolina. Burn it down to the foundations. Scatter the ashes of the fallen in the form of eldritch runes so that the earth may be cursed, and no living thing may survive in this terrible land. Let the old gods claim it for their territory, to sow madness and bleakness into the fallow ground so that an evil harvest, stacked to the dark clouds, serves as a warning to all. Then do California.

Rebecca A. Gowns: She feels like… Carolina? Looks like… California? Everything in this song is vague, and when it hits the chorus, they pretend to give us the crowning details — but there is still no specificity! They don’t even tell us if she feels like North or South; nor if she more closely resembles Santa Monica Pier or the Golden Gate Bridge! Accordingly, the song feels like stock music, looks like nothing special, shines like… why is this charting?

Katherine St Asaph: Oh joy, I can hear the Clef Hangers version already.

Patrick St. Michel: Wow, cool, another geography lesson, except a thousand times more boring. Oh, or maybe I should be excited “like a Fresno suburb.” 

Alfred Soto: Eric Church beat these affable fellas to a good song about Carolina: it swings, sentimental and poignant in equal measure, and without bluster. This tune is sentimental, plodding, loud, and breathless when it comes to geography. I mean, New York lights on Broadway for a girl who’s from California but looks like Carolina? Whew! Hope American Airlines got you air miles!

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: Vocalist Matt Thomas runs through the map, starry-eyed and one-upping his girl and paying her something of a backhanded compliment. She’s like the south, east and west coasts — sounds like you think this girl isn’t stable. Better that than your namby-pamby assembly line wailin’.

Jonathan Bradley: She feels like Carolina, looks like California, and shines (uh — is she chrome plated?) like New York City lights. And you, my friend, have a voice like an Interstate.

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6 Responses to “Parmalee – Carolina”

  1. OBJECTION: “Carolina” on its own is always North Carolina, not that thing to the south

  2. This is true; General Johnson can attest.

  3. But what of North vs South California ? (True, California in pop songs is nearly always reduced to a thin strip of beach between Malibu and Santa Monica.)

    I still stand by my point — stock music, generic, vague…! I crave the US state details of a country-pop song like “There is No Arizona,” as corny and postcard as they were.

  4. Needed a Petey Pablo guest spot.

  5. northern california needs more love! there could be songs written about cold beaches and clam chowder!

  6. How old is the Carolina/California contrast in country music? Does it predate this (far superior) song?