Bonus Tracks Wrap-Up, 2020: Our Year-End Lists

For the last Bonus Tracks post of 2020, we have compiled links to many of our writers’ individual year-end retrospectives and best-of lists. The Singles Jukebox is all about presenting multiple opinions rather than letting a single voice dictate something’s artistic merit, and sharing such a wide variety of personal, unique takes on the year […]

Best of Bonus Tracks, 2020

It’s been a long year, filled with good music and not many other good things, but we’re almost at the end. Our contributors have, as always, continued to produce great work (both for the Jukebox and outside of it), so as a way of wrapping up this year in Bonus Track posts, we asked our […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending December 13, 2020

Leah Isobel has a piece about Britney Spears, gender, and pop music called “…One More Time” in the latest issue of Soap Ear Journal. Ady Thapliyal has started Asian Glow, a weekly newsletter about Asian pop music: the debut issue covers the best Thai singles of 2020, including anti-royalist rap, faux gay boy bands, and the second coming […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending December 6, 2020

Hannah Jocelyn published What Your Favorite Album of 2020 Says About You. Leah Isobel’s music was featured in the second issue of Inner Sleeve magazine (L3AH Angel, p. 47). Iain Mew, for his blog Super Chart Island, wrote about the video game Gran Turismo 3 and how its brighter, fuller revisit of familiar assets was matched by the pop […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending November 22, 2020

Kayla Beardslee’s poem “Eagle Pantoum” was published in Red Weather. Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa played two hours of classic gothic rock, from the post-punk years to the darkwave revolution, on episode 16 of his show on Dublin Digital Radio. You can listen to the full mix here.

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending November 14, 2020

The Singles Jukebox is still looking for new writers! Click here for more info: applications are due this Sunday at midnight. Juana Giaimo profiled Vera Spinetta for Rolling Stone Argentina. Leah Isobel, performing under her music name L3AH ANGEL, will be taking part in an online drag/art/etc show called Sensuality on November 21 at 9 pm […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending November 1, 2020

The Singles Jukebox is looking for new writers! More info is available here: applications are due November 15, and no prior experience is required. Jessica Doyle has started a new long-form essay series on the power of idol pop, specifically focusing on the Kazakhstani boy group Ninety One. Click here to read the introductory post: […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending October 25, 2020

Hannah Jocelyn has launched a Substack called The Only Times I’ve Ever Known: read the most recent issue, a look back at producer Emile Haynie’s awkwardly lavish breakup album, here. Alfred Soto reviewed Tears For Fears’ The Seeds of Love (Super Deluxe Edition) for Pitchfork. Hannah Jocelyn reviewed Matt Berninger’s new solo album Serpentine Prison for Pitchfork. Jackie Powell profiled Alysha Clark, […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending October 4, 2020

Juana Giaimo wrote about feminism in Argentina and the female artists revolutionizing the country’s rock and alternative music scenes for Louder. Alfred Soto reviewed Daughter by Lydia Loveless for Pitchfork. Jackie Powell, for The Next, wrote about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the context of the WNBA and activism in women’s sports. Kayla Beardslee posted a podcast version of […]

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending September 27, 2020

Hannah Jocelyn interviewed Bartees Strange about his debut album, his musical upbringing, and Black rock music for “I’ve learned in making music that sometimes you have to be your own biggest fan, and you have to build the thing that no one else knows is real yet.” Several TSJ writers have active blog presences! […]