R. Kelly – Feelin’ Single

Insert easy joke about R. Kelly doing anything… [Video][Website] [6.67] Alex Ostroff: I don’t object, in principle, to R. Kelly gracefully aging into successive quiet storm retro soul projects. Love Letter avoided coming off as shtick mostly due to its sonic breadth; no one style overstayed its welcome, from stepping to Motown duets to mid-period Michael Jackson. […]

Shonen Knife – Pop Tune

Apparently you can apply these reviews to every single one of their songs… [Video][Website] [6.00] Iain Mew: If Saint Etienne’s “Tonight” recently approached the subject matter of a gig from the point of view of a fan, this is a gig from the point of view of a band, and it sounds like an amazing […]

Kylie Minogue – Timebomb

Insert easy joke about her career starting in black and white etc etc… [Video][Website] [6.90] Anthony Easton: The woots are worth a few points, and the dance-as-post-apocalyptic-thought is always nice. I love “We’re on a time bomb/before the night’s gone/let’s just do it right now,” for the delightful lack of subtlety, and that instrumental break […]

Fat Trel – Devil We Like

T.I. humming “you can have the devil we like,” get out of my head… [Video][Website] [6.83]Jonathan Bradley: The creeping synth evokes the dread but Trel makes it claustrophobic: “So many bullets in the clip she skipped out on the lease,” he raps — a boast that disintegrates into despair before it ends. It’s crime music […]

Paloma Faith – Picking Up the Pieces

No, she doesn’t look like that all the time. [Video][Website] [4.88] Anthony Easton: The first few seconds are so ludicrously juicy, and the first verse gets ever so close to the disco trope of rhetorical excess as a way of processing operatic emotion, and it uses the word splendor–but there is not enough of a […]

F.CUZ – No. 1

In which we find hidden subtleties in aggressive K-pop boyband songs. Or don’t. [Video][Website] [5.67] Iain Mew: People talk about the pop bits of Nicki Minaj’s album being a waste but much of this is close enough to the RedOne on overdrive of “Pound the Alarm” that I imagine her doing it instead and it […]

Jason Aldean – Fly Over States

He’s from Georgia, don’t you know? [Video][Website] [4.43] Anthony Easton: Since country is about storytelling, let’s get the narrative correct before we note anything else. Aldean is sitting next to two wealthy passengers in first class. They are all flying from New York to Los Angeles, and somewhere in the air, over what may be […]

Wisin & Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez – Follow the Leader


Skepta – Make Peace Not War

Off the mic with a dope rhyme/Jump to the rythm jump jump to the rhythm jump

Ne-Yo – Lazy Love

Between Usher, Miguel, and now this, 2012 is looking like TSJ’s Year of the Gentleman.