CREEP ft. Tricky & Alejandra de la Deheza – Call Her

& COMET & CUPID & DONNER AND BLITZEN [Video][Website] [5.62]John Seroff: Sleepy mumblecore reminiscent of Faithless on benzos, “Call Her” is goth makeout music for pool parties. That’s a salad fork I’m unlikely to need on the table anytime soon, but one I have room for in the drawer. [5] Katherine St Asaph: At the […]

Robbie Williams – Different

The schlocking was sung by the stadium with care… [Video][Website] [5.89] Sabina Tang: This came on in the car, my jaw dropped and I said aloud to the empty air, “What is this? Who wrote this?!?” Answer per wiki: Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow. Well. All to say it’s the storytelling that seizes and suspends one […]

Tegan and Sara – Closer

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and everyone went house… [Video][Website] [7.00] Alex Ostroff: Tegan and Sara’s early albums were some of my first tentative steps away from pop in high school, so I’m glad that as I’ve returned to the fold, they’ve joined me. But “Closer” is still a little too angular and awkward and […]

Haifa Wehbe – Bokra Bfarjik

The entire video isn’t as sexy as this… [Video][Website] [7.33] Edward Okulicz: Talk about a thrilling and shape-shifting bit of production! Wehbe’s voice is good but she doesn’t really have to do much other than waft dramatically over the proceedings. The opening thirty seconds herald something that could have gone in any direction. Waves of […]

Nam Soo-Rim ft. Park Ji-Yoon – Drive Me To The Moon

Maybe Future can give them a ride…? [Video][Website] [6.30] Frank Kogan: As Rimi she’s done both hardcore rap and comedy, the hardcore sounding concentrated and dexterous, the comedy more ebullient. Here she’s embedding herself in sweet indie sound-layering that’s both cloying and tepid and that I don’t prefer to silence. But when her own rapping […]

A*M*E – Play The Game Boy

And yes, we will be looking at the Sound of 2013 list at some point… [Video][Website] [6.56] Patrick St. Michel: Amy Kabba gets compared to K-Pop artists a lot, and it isn’t strange to see why — she has made her love for Korean music clear in various interviews and she wrote the song “Beautiful […]

Delta Spirit – California

Amazon says it’s the best song of the year. What do we think? [Video][Website] [7.00] Patrick St. Michel: “Being young is way more fun than being old, and being a punk is way more fun that being a square,” goes the YouTube description for “California.” The accompanying clip stays true to that, but Delta Spirit’s […]

Tuuli – Salaisuudet

Remind you of anyone?… [Video][Website] [5.86] Patrick St. Michel: First, I’m happy that, for the video to this song, Tuuli decided to borrow a bunch of ideas from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s clip for “PonPonPon.” Not just because I love any excuse to post that, but because there is something heartening in knowing a 13-year-old Finnish […]

Watch The Duck – Poppin’ Off

Everyone missed their chance to finally make an ELECTRONIC DUCK MUSIC joke… [Video][Website] [6.38] Patrick St. Michel: Watch The Duck really want to be at the forefront of a new genre, possibly one they thought up themselves; “Poppin’ Off” has been labelled “SoulDubstep,” which would be self explanatory if this didn’t just sound like a […]