Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie

In which we reveal our stances on cursing at children… [Video][Website] [6.70] Alfred Soto: When I last heard Dizzee he had recorded the only listenable Calvin Harris collaborations to date, for which he was duly recorded in his homeland. So I regret to say that he’s substituted telling for showing — where once he let […]

Cam’ron – You Know This

You were trouble when you walked in… [Video][Website] [5.12] Anthony Easton: Can women make some sort of solemn vow never to fuck Cam’ron again? [0] Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: On one of the many Youtube uploads of “You Know This”, a commenter posts that Araabmuzik’s instrumental “sounds like cnn beat”. Youtube grammar aside, that seems a fair conclusion: the […]

Anamanaguchi – Meow

Nope, not K-Pop or J-Pop, but they sure wish! Or maybe not… [Video] [4.77] Anthony Easton: Writing about formally interesting, abstract works in terms of painting or dance is pretty easy — you can talk about colour or form or movement. I still feel too dumb to talk about abstractness in terms of electronic music, […]

Alicia Keys – Brand New Me

Her hair looks nice in the video. [Video][Website] [5.14] Brad Shoup: Sounds kind of like the Flack/Hathaway record, but if you swapped Donny out for a roomful of ghosts. That and similar attentions paid to the corners are due to Emeli Sandé, I assume. The transformation in which this song traffics is vague, but calculatingly […]

Vato Gonzalez ft. Lethal Bizzle & Donaeo – Not a Saint

Well, the song’s not a miracle, so we could have guessed. [Video][Website] [4.00] Crystal Leww: This sounds like what would happen if someone knew about all the right “parts” of an EDM pop hit and had the assignment of making a song with all those parts. The rap verses are about being a cool macho […]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Furisodeshon

Accept no imitators. [Video][Website] [6.78] Patrick St. Michel: Yesterday was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 20th birthday, and that’s the big one in Japan. It’s the age where one is considered an adult… and more importantly, the legal age to get tanked and smoke up. “Furisodeshon” is Kyary’s big coming-of-age bonanza, as the chorus mostly consists of […]

Lomosonic – Felt

Our job isn’t done until we’ve done some tasteful guitar pop from every country. Today, Thailand! [Video][Myspace] [6.14] Iain Mew: This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time that an otherwise unremarkable seeming rock song in a language I don’t speak gets through to me by its guitar tone. This one is […]

Classified ft. David Myles – Inner Ninja

Our weekly dose of CanCon requirements… [Video][Website] [2.89] Alfred Soto: Fifteen years after RZA found a ghetto correlative for the ninja ethos, here’s a fellow reifying it into self-help twaddle for adults who use “impact” as a verb. [2] Iain Mew: I’m not saying that a song called “Inner Ninja” is a great idea to […]

Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 & Big Boi – Pink Matter (Remix)

Not pictured: the dashed dreams of hip-hop heads… [Video] [5.45] Brad Shoup: I get that it’s in our critical charter to flip at any scrap of André and Antwan, and sure enough, their twinned straining against the strictures of the Jeff-Buckley-dines-at-Macaroni Grill production really is the closest thing to a high point.[4] Alfred Soto: A shrewd thing […]

Tito El Bambino ft. Marc Anthony – ¿Por Qué Les Mientes?

“One day, all these scores will be yours.” [Video][Website] [6.12] Jer Fairall: Far more traditional than the millennial pop crossover that is an increasingly smaller percentage of the reason that Marc Anthony is known outside Latin music circles, this is pleasantly florid in such a way that constantly borders between pretty and saccharine before finally […]