See ya later!

And that wraps it up for Amnesty Week and our coverage for the year! The Singles Jukebox will be on hiatus until January 2016. In the meantime, our 2015 champion, Susanne Sundfør, has arrived to cast Christmas spells on you: We’ve had some great writing featured here recently, especially during our Amnesty and Readers’ Weeks, […]

AMNESTY 2015: Justin Vivian Bond – Christmas Spells

Last one turn out the lights. See you in 2016.

AMNESTY 2015: Turnpike Troubadours – The Bird Hunters

Settle up now, please. Call cabs as needs them…

AMNESTY 2015: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Little Boys With Shiny Toys

Last round! Final orders please, and tip your coat-check girl on the way out…

AMNESTY 2015: Autour de Lucie – Ta Lumière Particulière

Post-millennium nostalgia

AMNESTY 2015: Mahmundi – Eterno Verão

Given the temperatures, it’s an ideal summer song in December.

AMNESTY 2015: Nickelback – She Keeps Me Up

He’s got the moves like…Jagger?

AMNESTY 2015: Seven Lions ft. Sombear – A Way to Say Goodbye

We can’t even agree what it sounds like.

AMNESTY 2015: Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Jag Är Fri

“Heroes” (It Could[‘ve] Be[en])…

AMNESTY 2015: Flash Flood Darlings – Byeol

Our sidebar’s getting awfully crowded…