Cat Power ft. Lana Del Rey – Woman

Hold the “motherfuh-in'” part…

Red Velvet – Power Up

8bit kpop bloops and blips for your weekend!

Paul McCartney – Fuh You

He saw us drivin’ round town with the girl he loves.

Titica ft. Pabllo Vittar – Come e Baza


Zayn ft. Timbaland – Too Much

“Too easy,” we say…

Valley Queen – Supergiant

Finally, an indie rock band and some more thoughts on California…

Tiffany Young – Over My Skin

Former SNSD member makes an anachronistic TRL bid…

Travis Scott – Stop Trying to Be God

A title that amazingly I have not seen in any comments section anywhere…

Parcels – Tieduprightnow

These guys, well, they’re not getting lucky.

Loona – Favorite

Come back in a few months when every single TSJ writer will be writing on Loona’s next single, because we’re just working up to our real debut here too. Maybe.