Nelly Furtado – Parking Lot

Nelly, Missy, and Timbaland all in one week? It’s feeling real 2001 round these parts… [Video][Website] [7.73] Jonathan Bogart: Teenage boredom and one-note blares, hollered syllables and the handclaps of girl-gang solidarity. The aesthetics of the video are all vibrant hood-glam urbanism, but the lyrics are all deathly middle-of-nowhere emptiness, parking lots, barns and mud. […]

Orange Caramel – Lipstick

Best sports-themed music video since Green Day’s “Nice Guys Finish Last”? [Video][Website] [6.33] Iain Mew: Orange Caramel are an offshoot of After School, who gave me my first taste of K-Pop on the Jukebox in 2010. They’re apparently intended as a sweeter and more light-hearted alternative. That seems to show through the neon table tennis video more […]

Robbie Williams – Candy

America: He’s the guy who recorded that song with Brad Paisley on the Cars II soundtrack… [Video][Website] [5.38] Edward Okulicz: It doesn’t matter that Robbie Williams has never sounded so whimsically charming before, but he seems to have accidentally written a game show theme, not a pop song. He’s dressed for the part in the […]

Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross & Cam’ron – I Am Your Leader

Don’t get it wrong, we’re still Barbies though… [Video][Website] [5.43] Jonathan Bradley: I gotta admit, none of these very entertaining rappers is at his or her best here, but each is so complementary and competent that the combination seems better than it should. I like Nicki’s always versatile boasts, here calling herself Santa Claus and […]

The Wanted – I Found You

Note: this does not mean we have aligned with TWFanmily. Or with the Directioners. We’re currently mulling over our options and trying to figure who can offer the best protection… [Video][Website] [6.44] Katherine St Asaph: What the hell happened? On paper, this is awful: “We Found Love” with the leftover “Glad You Came” presets, polluted […]

Wanting – You Exist in My Song

Purely coincidence we run these first two songs on the same day, yessiree… [Video][Myspace] [6.29] Anthony Easton: That piano is just absurd, and the whispery vocals over that absurd piano bring me to that magic place where I’m so swoony that I may as well collapse on a pure caramel sled through a landscape of marshmallow fluff […]

Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage

I’ve seen a hit! [Video][Website] [7.14] Jonathan Bogart: Not to be the guy who’s all “oh, we’re finally getting around to reviewing this after it’s been out for months,” but, well, it’s been great for months now.[8] Alfred Soto: The ugliest industrial sounds of the year complement the chanting. [7] Brad Shoup: Salt-n-Pepa x 2 Live […]

Alt-J – Something Good

Remember how you responded when a teacher called you “promising”? [Video][Website] [5.29] Iain Mew: Alt-J create music that shows obvious evidence of how carefully it has been pieced together. It’s not quite minimalist, but there’s a efficiency designed to point at elements in light, fresh yet uneasy songs. I would be slightly scared of the […]

One Direction – Live While We’re Young

Which is the Lance Bass/Jonathan Knight one? [Video][Website] [4.38] Brad Shoup: The meek guitar intro is halfway between Green Day’s “Waiting” and the pick scrapes from “Should I Stay or Should I Go”; two-thirds of the way through, the “Starships” riff perks up! The yo-yoing melody line will slay during car rides, but empty calories […]

Professor Green ft. Sierra Kusterbeck – Avalon

Wait, which D&D expansion pack is this? [Video][Website] [3.83] Brad Shoup: Two-part question: do you like Paramore, but wish Hayley Williams sang less about real shit and more about faded empire? For me, the answers are “no” and “surprisingly, yes.” I dunno, something about ending your chorus with “we ran to Avalon” unties a lot […]