Saturday, January 11th, 2020

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending January 11, 2020

Happy New Year! Our writers started the year off strong, with over 150 blurbs this past week, and we also have writing to share from other corners of the Internet:

  • Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa has started A Week in May, a newsletter dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest and meant as a space for fans of the show to engage with each other. Read the introductory issue and subscribe here!
  • Joshua Minsoo Kim published the third issue of Tone Glow, his newsletter about experimental music. This year-end issue focused on the best overlooked albums of 2019: Kim and Tara Hillegeist were among the thirteen writers who contributed reviews.
  • Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa also wrote about the twenty greatest documentaries of the 2010s for The Young Folks: “the most powerful documentaries of this decade are not those that take it straight to the facts or center their efforts in the factually incontrovertible, but those who immerse us in the subjectivity of the human experience.”
  • Finally, Kayla Beardslee published annotated playlists about Pharrell’s production discography and Max Martin’s US #1s. Both are introductions to (or reminders of) the influence and musical themes of Pharrell’s and Martin’s work, as well as a way of contextualizing the careers of their closest collaborators.

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