Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Shygirl – Tasty

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Will Adams: In Shygirl’s hands, a simple formula of house chords, classic drum breaks and lust-in-this-club lyrics becomes otherworldly. Gone in under 2:30, it’s as effortless as UK garage can get.

Alfred Soto: The 2010s were a good year for UK pop house, as Katy B and MNEK can testify. The shimmering keyboard textures and Shygirl’s wind-blasted vocals on “Tasty” rank among those thrills.

John Seroff: Shygirl’s particular flavor of “JOCK JAMZ: now with ***f333lz***” hasn’t quite resonated with me (or with an American audience) yet, but once the right beat comes along, I am prepared to believe it’s just a matter of time. Not yet, though. 

Oliver Maier: The elastic stretch and snap of the breakbeats and Shygirl’s performance are the twin jolts of kinetic energy that keep “Tasty” in motion. As ever, her horniness is relayed with an air of remove; whether that’s intentional I’m not certain, but it’s emphasised by the vocal filtering and the circuitous feel of the rhyme scheme in the chorus. I don’t mind it! Shygirl’s clinical approach to getting freaky somehow feels more honest than a song that trips over itself to exude sensuality.

Leah Isobel: “Tasty” is much warmer than the rest of Shygirl’s work, and that exposes some of her limitations; her cool distance works when she’s doing steely trance or skewed hip-hop, but here her verses sound more like placeholders. But then she smirks her way through the line “would that be so bad?” and yep, I still like this.

Katherine St Asaph: After seemingly thousands of tracks over the past decade designed to  evoke various house or UK garage classics, it’s nice to hear one  designed — in a world with any sense of quality — to become one.

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